Method of compression roller v

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Plant of cement of change An Xiexing uses manual arc welding, crusher of v double roller roller face, obtained service life to amount to 10 months, broken grog 150 thousand tons effect. V point is as follows: (1) of welding rod choose: Should choose D - 65, D - 667 with 506 welding rod, before v, press welding rod service instruction, welding rod drying, put in heat preservation box to reserve. (2) roller face processing: Roller face rehabilitate can be divided for local and direct filling solder of the whole after filling solder and whole are cleared two kinds of methods, also can saying is two processes. Of edge roller broad direction inhomogenous those who wear away to be nodded with decorative pattern, horniness is inhomogenous wear away and the whole of roller face wears away, can adopt local rehabilitate method to fill directly solder; In course 5-6 second fill directly after solder, because the mother's body bears repeatedly action of tall extruding stress, solder micro-crack is ceaseless and patulous, roll surface can produce the fatigue layer of certain ply, if welding rod of reoccupy wear-resisting rehabilitate is direct,fill right now solder, fall off between easy generation layer, reason needs v of layer of wear-resisting of travel of the reentry after fatigue to roll surface layer clears thoroughly. Assist solder fills after promoting cement plant to keep clear of for whole to the rehabilitate of roller face. No matter be direct,solder fills after filling solder or whole are cleared, error of two roller diameter cannot cross the circularity sum of errors of roll big, can cause roller press level otherwise vibration and inhomogenous load increases two roll. Clear layer of roller face exhaustion, plane of air of usable carbon arc undertakes clearing, want the fatigue layer planing machine roller face clean, make roller shows layer of mother capable person. Before v, want to press welding rod service instruction, undertake stoving to welding rod, to weldment warm-up, the delay after solder is cold. (3) the alternating current welder of the dc that should choose power to install above for 10 kilovolt or above of 20 thousand volt-ampere. Confidential of use dc solder is received instead (welding rod receives positive electrode) . When v, with communication welder asks to carry voltage ≥ 70V for nothing, electric current should master in 200A left and right sides. If carry electric depress for nothing at 70V, want to increase electric current, fuse adequately with welding rod and mother capable person to allow. The scale of solder path width and height with 3:1Advisable. Such ability written guarantee with frit of mother capable person truly firm, form wants wear-resisting organization. (4) v order and ply: After roller face warm-up, should use v of 506 welding rod first 1 - 3, look for roller the circle. Next even ground v counts a D - 667, achieve due ply. D - after v of 667 solder layer is over, again v a D - 65, v ply is 3 - 5mm; D - after v of 65 solder layer, reoccupy D - 65 v figure of an approach contrast. (Roller face tatty arises, must have at the same time smash the pressure that stock place needs and relatively slip two elements. Pressure is decided by stock property place, change hard normally. And will reduce content to be in extruding process through form of roller face figure with roller face relatively slip, some easier. Home is inchoate although use herringbone figure can prevent stock circumferential and slip, but did not restrict pair of stock to slide in the axial in extruding process, it is especially when the stock with extruding lesser grain, wear away more serious. Compare with this photograph, use approach contrast figure and the intermediate roller area that adds hard particle, wearability is best. ) the side of approach contrast figure is long for 4 - 5cm, solder path width is 1cm left and right sides, height is 4mm left and right sides. The ply of each wear-resisting layer wants do one's best to agree equably, in order to make compression roller maintains a circle forever in use process. (5) when v, want 3 to fall, rest the person does not rest horse, make weldment maintains higher temperature for long. CNC Milling CNC Machining