Design number to control special grinding machine with new thinking

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Summary: Put forward to design number to accuse the new thinking of special grinding machine in article. Discussed the grinding craft that matures with component of general grinder module, function and user to be a foundation, the development numerical control that decorates design and design of machine tool modelling to be essentials with mesa is special the method of grinder. The machine tool that machine tool of 1 foreword numerical control is Gao Jinggao effect is made, microelectronics technology and computer technology 3 person combinative child. Of the entrance as product of machine tool of foreign high-grade numerical control and technology of foreign numerical control introduce, the numerical control machine tool of our country is made get rapid development. Of efficiency of the occurrence of component of the breakthrough that studies as machine tool structure, many mature function, production and function rise ceaselessly, numerical control grinder guides in market demand below, it is forerunner with special grinding machine, finished stage by stage from can make up Cheng controller (the Electromechanical unifinication product that PLC) gives priority to develops to the direction of numerical control product. Develop numerical control design of special grinding machine, make, application already made new trend. The design thought of tradition of train of thought of 2 new designs is the function that should have by onefold machine tool undertake plan design, total position designs: Undertake to each component principle design, orgnaization design, spare parts designs: Make craft plan: Clamping apparatus of design, production tool: Undertake the trial-produce of the machine tool. A kind of new product or development cycle of private plane product are in a year of above. As the function modular the occurrence that devises an idea, typical platform (lathe bed) component, main shaft component, feed component, control unit, (hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, mechanical) component of drive component, bearing fixed position, detect the independence of the component is changed, machine tool design turns into from design of onefold machine tool design of machine tool seriation. Develop product of a kind of series, undertake plan design, total position is designed only, choose typical component, add a few hardware design, need not trial-produce, can make new product or goods. Below the premise that assures production cycle, can compress design cycle greatly. Modular further progress, the socialization of a large number of typical components, standardization, various functional components appear, make our machine tool design is only below the situation that chooses functional component develop overall design. Regard a machine tool as the manufactory, the key should design the machine tool platform with a good adaptability, namely: Can install all sorts of function parts that can purchase, get used to all sorts of treatment functions, have defend very well function, can become an artwork. This simplifies namely, standardization, element is changed, modular confluent design thought. Press train of thought of this products plan, the product that can offer the market wants diversification, in order to satisfy the need of all sorts of different users. Before long in the future, the product asks those who press every user to be designed technically, identical product not answer exist. By the user the requirement manufactures the numerical control machine tool with special more powerful sex already predominate, special change mean reduce redundant function, reduce product cost. Numerical control is special grinder develops a design according to this kind of new thinking just about. The assurance that the mature craft of 3 users is design success regards a machine tool as the architect, often be the footing that stands in maker, pay attention to the implementation that machine tool function designs, and what problem can appear in how be used to the machine tool or be being used, the consideration cannot give adequately when the design. Method of this kind of design often cannot gain a success, may be unsuccessful ending even. Accordingly, contemporary architect, the application that should pay attention to a machine tool more reachs a few experience that use a process. When special grinding machine is designing numerical control have apparent specific aim. The foundation of specific aim is the experience enlightenment of new technology of special machine tool of a few experience that the user machines craft to accumulate to workpiece or abroad. When development, we have survey, practice to user factory. Know work go up, next makings, bearing (the center of long axis or abnormity axis spare parts wears bearing) , outfit clip, fixed position, grinding parameter (include: The surplus that kibble, essence grinds, speed, light rubs time) , grinding is ordinal, precision, surface roughness, efficiency, measure a function automatically choose, emery wheel material reachs parameter character, parameter of emery wheel nap, frequency, pressure of cooling fluid supply reachs breed, the suitabiltiy of working temperature, according to the use habit of handlers, adjust precision of the suitabiltiy of the orientation way of clamping apparatus, machine tool, treatment and producibility. Use the user that existing and general grinder machines, when putting forward to be replaced with numerical control machine tool, machining aspect of precision of efficiency, treatment, dependability, security to be able to have higher demand. Must go up in base of active and mature technology at this moment, undertake new configuration, analyse its feasibility. Make one of second designs are made but commercial, use on product line truly. 4 general grinder are modular special grinding machine mixes numerical control general-purpose grinder should fulfil same grinding function. In outer round grinding, should have bearing and drive the function of workpiece circumgyrate and reciprocate: Answer to have turn of emery wheel high speed and can realize the function of feed displacement. This is the basic function of round grinding outside finishing, it is the requirement that the product exists. these functions the design becomes workpiece head to wear module (include transmission, main shaft department, fixed position, drive to wait) , module of rear push frame, workbench module (include drive, fixed position to wait) , emery wheel wears module (include transmission, main shaft department, fixed position, defend. These module settings are on platform of a lathe bed, add system of on a few control and auxiliary function module, can develop a general grinding machine. The characteristic of these module is: The function changes module independence independently, spell the electric, number with group and tie-in strong independent character to show on unified platform easily, detect, the module such as hydraulic pressure and cooling system, form a variety of changing model breed, implementation is different treatment precision, different character of service, different the machine tool of automation degree and different treatment efficiency. Foundation the function changes a basis it is those who point to a machine tool is big, wait like lathe bed, workbench, casing and slide carriage, they use cast or weldment mostly, cycle of semifinished product preparation, treatment is long, influence product develops quickly. Because this is whole series is modular the design collects in order to only commonly congener and large part is a foundation, will the function is changed, make the machine tool can enlarge working space, get used to position of different machine tool exterior, modelling to reach defend: Make the norms of the machine tool, function has vicissitudinous possibility below the premise that assures stiffness. Module of lathe bed of a grinder, what can get used to all sorts of casing, slide carriage is fixed, derive is all-purpose model, the circle outside end panel, efficient cut model or other is special model machine tool. Get used to new technology to apply at present the application of new technology often is in order to improve efficiency (high speed is changed) , raise treatment precision (accept rice class) , automation degree (numerical control is changed) , flexible change, network is main purpose. As long as in the foundation module or stay in module of casing, slide carriage certain space adds a few module to be able to come true. Functional component socialization is in modular all sorts of function components below the guidance of the thought, be like department of drive system, control system, main shaft, slideway guide screw of deputy, ball is deputy, cooling systematic independence changes system, refrigeration system, testing system, standardization and major are made, promoted modular the development that devises a way. Numerical control is special the many function module of grinder originates the functional component of the general grinder module of factory oneself and the social form a complete set that can purchase. Of mesa of job of feature of 5 main designs decorate a design special grinding machine is a basis a few typical spare partses (wait like axis of a powerful person of crankshaft, camshaft, gas, or so brace, eccentric shafe, gimbal, gear) undertake efficient grinding. Accordingly, when the design, the platform that wants the general grinding machine that choosing (workbench) go up, undertake in the light of workpiece grinding craft is analysed, set corresponding special share. These parts include: Workpiece expects lesser workpiece uses automatic fluctuation to expect more up and down. Greater work by go up artificially makings go up to auxiliary bracket, use turn over hand of instrument of a favourable turn to send work, fall artificially makings. Bearing of tip of the auxiliary bracket before the bearing of workpiece includes workpiece to locate and the head that workpiece locates, rear push frame, or the head wears chuck bearing. Configure corresponding auxiliary function, if use opening of tip of infuse of lubricant cooling fluid, prevent bearing to locate heat is out of shape. The drive of workpiece and stop to wear main shaft dial or outfit to be on the main shaft chuck that can wind transition through the head definitely, drive workpiece circumgyrate. A few righter outside the workpiece of round abnormity (the) such as crankshaft, camshaft, when drive stops, should stop had been in those who assemble and unassemble locally, actuating device is due stop a function definitely. Workpiece installation identifies the characteristic according to workpiece, the design puts the axial that assisting bracket and radial fixed position, pass photoelectricity or control without contact signal, avoid the mistake that appears when factitious installation. The axial fixed position of workpiece locates as axial with face of workpiece some shoulder fiducial. Pass feed of axis of workpiece axial numerical control, let fixed position measure appearance and post a letter of surface contact of work location shoulder, gain the base point of process designing of numerical control reference axis. Use oneself shoulder face to finish axial fixed position when installation to certain work, can not install fixed position to measure appearance, in order to simplify grinding craft. But the precision of treatment of face of fixed position shoulder of the working procedure before be opposite should rise accordingly. Measure the grinding precision to micron class automatically of workpiece, should configure workpiece commonly online and automatic measurement unit. Measure installation automatically of the majority to be on mesa, pass process designing to control, card is measured into workpiece, give out the thick, essence, signal to dimension to quit work. The grinding refrigeration of workpiece uses high pressure, large flow mostly, have magnetism, paper to filter, take the cooling system of refrigeration unit even. Emery wheel is different from car, mill relative to the origin emery wheel of workpiece, get cut cutting tool, it is extremely fragile bad news, over all dimension is changing ceaselessly. As decrescent of emery wheel dimension, emery wheel wears the position to move ahead ceaselessly. When the design, should consider emery wheel to wear mobile ultimate position, the likelihood does the dimensional position of experience, the likelihood has the place of emery wheel nap. Cut the machine tool of round grinding outside can realizing end panel to reach to a few, emery wheel tilts relative to workpiece 30 ° horn, shift of direction of feed of emery wheel wearing measures as mobile as perpendicular direction quantity to a function concerns. Accordingly, system of demand numerical control has inclined shaft function. Device of nap of emery wheel of nap of setting emery wheel is installed mostly go up in workbench face or on head wearing, nap shapes roundly in order to make full use of outside the athletic implementation emery wheel of axis of two feed numerical control. Such, simplified greatly machine tool structure. At present thin model of device of nap of diamond gyro wheel appear, can raise precision of emery wheel nap greatly. 1.

Automatic measuring instrument 2.

Stop switch definitely 3.

Workpiece (or so brace) 4.

The head wears a tip 5.

Dial piece 6.

Emery wheel nap 7.

Position of emery wheel nap 8.

Position of emery wheel origin 9.

Axial positioner 10.

Place of emery wheel work 11.

Tip of rear push frame 12.

Auxiliary bracket 13.

Connect of automatic measuring instrument 14.

Mesa of the base that measure appearance decorates mesa of graph of design give typical examples to decorate a design, it is core with workpiece namely, analyse through craft afore-mentioned technology that all sorts of configuration use component of existing module, function and a few the design that combines together, see right picture. Because mesa puts unit more, when the design, must chase what do not have pair of by accident device truly definitely to put, athletic limits, space, factitious interference is spent reach craft configuration makes a design, till can edit the grinding program of a machine tool with this,give priority to. Modelling design is the same as machine tool of other numerical control same, numerical control is special grinder is designed in modelling (the exterior is designed) go up to already made the crucial part that differs with traditional design method. Modelling design essence is design of machine tool exterior. It includes total distribution design, defend design, cop is designed, at the same time 3 person close correlation. Total position designs machine tool of contemporary numerical control total position is a when give the person that view and admire direct sense: Beautiful, well-balanced, line is tonal and fluent, bright, stereo quality integral sex is strong, strong () of unifinication of machine, report, fluid, gas: To the person that use one individual sex changes appropriate perception: Machine tool operation is handy, fluctuation workpiece, adjust, safeguard, trouble removal is convenient. Because the much machinery on general accuracy machine tool operates handwheel,go up in numerical control machine tool all nonexistent, the person that use is passed only (hold) the electric pushbutton on clavier operates a machine tool, because this can keep apart machine tool and handlers, whole sealing rises. This is one of main characteristics of machine tool of current numerical control. Total position design is an integrated design, the design of a kind of imagination. It is different from the design of sex of a few principles, structure design. The software that modelling of exterior of many now machine tool designs is revealed before us. The architect can browse the exterior graph library of a large number of different type machine tools, pass the position of module of the chromatic change of departmental cent, each exterior to adjust, find an appropriate machine tool graph of effect of formative of overall outward appearance. The machine tool that is like to already had been done is placed before us to view and admire, evaluation, the place that finds out inadequacy from which undertakes improvement, make one of second development successful. special to numerical control grinding machine, except satisfy afore-mentioned requirements besides, return the characteristic that should be aimed at grinding workpiece, in order to facilitate sex of next workpiece on handlers, safety in operation considers overall arrangement for the target. And the crucial part that affects exterior layout design is machine tool platform (lathe bed) design. Defend the high speed that designs numerical control machine tool is changed, drive of tall automation, high pressure, high pressure is cooling, leakage of a large number of oil, water, gas, splatter, bring a few risky move, pollution sense to handlers, surroundings. Accordingly, the viewpoint that defends from contemporary safety sets out, numerical control is special grinder and numerical control machine tool are same, screen of area of machine tool treatment, will mobile component, cop is our keep apart with handlers, design close model. This also is a requirement that overall to the machine tool modelling raises. Defend the design is the concept of a whole sealing not just. For safe operation, safety moves, the machine tool still needs to design many athletic interlock. Be like: Open the door cut off the power, of the emery wheel when workpiece displacement close, reclaim, purify the waste liquid that causes pollution: In handlers the most intuitionistic place sets many caution mark. Machine tool of cop design numerical control simplified mechanical drive structure, need has control and drive with report, fluid, gas, wait plus cooling, refrigeration, need the cop with many join. If why had handled the cop of these different major,be us the problem that contemporary architect should solve. The exterior that cop design affects a machine tool, assemble, defend, maintenance, interference rejection, but inspectability. At present cop design uses following method mostly: Design of machine tool whole sealing is best settlement method. Can hang high inside shield -- screen is our, divide cop or mix cop to handle, the exterior is neat. Electromechanical an organic whole is designed. Electric ark and machine tool platform are secured together, operation box and electric ark are an organic whole or through the standard canister taking a line connects them together. Make full use of the space of platform periphery or circumjacent design become groove model take a line, shortened already circuit join, benefit at assembling examination, maintenance. The compositive, independence of hydraulic pressure box and hydraulic pressure function is changed, secure together with machine tool platform, reduced pipeline link greatly. Cooling box reachs all sorts of filtering the compositive, independence of function, condensation function, in order to reduce pipeline. When total position, reduce a machine tool to cover an area of an area as far as possible. If electric ark, cistern takes up,fluctuate space. Numerical control of 6 last words is special grinder designs train of thought, be pass experience of technology of active to the user grinding promote practice, make feasible new grinding technology, the module component that chooses a large number of active maturity and socially functional component, the key is the overall arrangement that devises mesa and modelling. CNC Milling CNC Machining