Mill 1 but dislocation establishs milling cutter set

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Kennajin belongs to a company new roll out but dislocation establishs series of milling cutter Mill 1 to be able to compare other congener milling cutter achieves taller manufacturing efficiency. This cutting diameter range that before new series establishs milling cutter to look, offers is 25 ~ 200mm, used newest design, have very strong inclined mill function, but implementation antrum milling, Kong Zuanxi. Normally, mill 1 can raise the cutting rate of at least 30% , machining aluminous, plastic taller productivity can be obtained when waiting for weak data workpiece. The aperture treatment that this kind of new cutting tool also is ideal establishs milling cutter, can insert workpiece substance appearance directly, fast milling arrives bottom, leave out for many times bore and bore hole working procedure, reduce treatment labor situation thereby, save a large number of handling time. This treatment means still can reduce cutting tool to use number, inside short time treatment gives the opening of high quality or omit finish machining working procedure. Mill 1 is accessible rate of the biggest cutting rises somewhat than having milling cutter. At present but the limitation of dislocation milling cutter to cutting speed because the ability of the bolt resistance shearing force that usually often is clamp razor blade. The Mill 1 milling cutter that Kennajin belongs to is used tilt the design that installs clamp bolt, reduced shearing force effectively, can increase limited speed 30% . When this cutting tool machines orthogonal step, the cutting blade of curvilinear form can make the 90 ° of step machine precision apparent prep above has milling cutter. Design of Mill 1 cutter hub is firm and reliable, assured to repeat the consistency that installs bit, have outstanding stage shoulder consequently process capability. Mill 1 can provide a variety of newest material such as KC725M, KC935M, KC522M, KC410M qualitative razor blade, satisfy all sorts of requirement of the client. KC725M is multilayer and compound coating, enhanced the applicability of cutting tool. KC725M is mixed in cutting mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel excellent treatment performance is shown when nickel radical alloy, suit thick, finish machining to use. KC935M alumina coating is very advantageous to high speed cutting, distinct manufacturing benefit can be gained when processing black metal data. KC522M fits stuff of metal of cutting high strenth, for example mould steel and high temperature alloy steel. The titanium polymer coating of KC410M can reduce what point accumulates bits tumour to generate, suit to machine low silicon aluminium and plastic. CNC Milling CNC Machining