Special taper secures top grinding treatment

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According to awl handle angle different, commonly used and fixed tip can be divided for Mohs awl handle and handle of special taper awl. Top to Mohs awl handle grinding job shops has appropriative tool, the introduction is not made here. Handle of special taper awl secures a tip, treatment precision and complex coefficient are taller. Use sound technology, be helpful for raising special taper to secure top treatment precision. Roller CA8480 lathe is machined to secure a tip with be on M131W below attached drawing (see figure) for exemple, introduce special taper tip to machine craft. 1.

Decide treatment order can be seen by attached drawing, the measure that requires grinding treatment has awl handle diameter 79.

5mm, taper 1 ∶ the cone of 7 and diametical 100mm, taper the awl pointed working face of 60 ° . And awl needle job faces 1 ∶ the cone coaxial of 7 is spent for 0.


The basis is thick fiducial choice principle, the treatment of 7 cone of 1 ∶ should the axes with workpiece, namely the aperture of Zun Duanzhong heart of workpiece and face of 60 ° tip serve as thick fiducial (face of 60 ° tip is made thick fiducial can assure 60 ° tip the mental allowance of the face) .

According to the choice principle with fiducial essence, the cone length of 7 compares 1 ∶ needle of 60 ° awl is long, needle of 60 ° awl is machined should with 1 ∶ 7 cone make choice fiducial. Because this treatment is orderly,machine 1 ∶ first the cone rework of 7 60 ° top range. 2.

The treatment of 7 cone of 1 ∶ uses the method that hold clip two tips hold clip. One is hard alloy tip, one turns over a tip character for average capable person. But as a result of 1 ∶ 7 cone cannot be placed into luggage directly, finish the grinding of 60 ° top range so, want to solve the problem holding clip of workpiece above all. Through cylinder of proper lengthen petiole the stage regards craft as the stage, undertake holding clip. Machine part of lengthen of the purify after 60 ° cone, can make sure clip is held so firm, the precision after treatment is tall. 3.

Grinding of the taper seat outside cone grinding treatment is mixed according to the size of cone workpiece appearance, can adopt method of below in order to 3 kinds of grinding: Rotational workbench comes grinding cone, the taper seat outside turning the head wears grinding and rotational emery wheel wear the taper seat outside grinding. Here awl handle taper the grinding treatment of 7 uses 1 ∶ the method of rotational workbench. The angle of awl petiole can deserve to grind with roller lathe sleeve, main aspects is contacted, above of interface 80 % . The error of angle can adjust workbench, deserve to machine purify with grinding through grinding repeatedly for many times. The treatment of cone of 60 ° job, through 4 claw sheet moves chuck to hold position of the power that place awl, turn head wearing and emery wheel wear each 15 ° , use combination to be able to realize the grinding treatment of working cone. Working cone angle can use cursor all-purpose bevel protractor is used pervious to light the law is measured. The error of angle, can use rotational workbench, through trying for many times cutting is mixed measure will undertake adjustment. In machining a process, should notice the following detail makes sure two taper coaxial spends: (1) in diametical 100mm place grinding searchs round, 4 ungual sheet move chuck to install clip to search when with. (2) search when cone of job of awl handle grinding, look for two to nod, among them the dot stands by chuck claw, another the dot is in in diametical 100mm, two place error should be controlled in 0.

In 01mm. (3) 4 ungual sheet move chuck to search when, search distance should as far as possible short. If chuck of treatment position distance is ungual far, the error after treatment is magnified easily, serious when the likelihood causes coaxial to spend out of tolerance. 4.

The note when treatment (1) when two tips hold clip, need to add grease, and rotate speed shoulds not be exorbitant, lest burn out tip. (2) fluid of the cutting when grinding wants sufficient. (3) wear because of rotational emery wheel wanting when grinding, nap good emery wheel wants before. (4) when grinding cone of 60 ° job, because generatrix of a side of working cone emery wheel and workbench slideway are rough,go, so, when grinding work makes cone cannot motor-driven takes a knife, hotshot shakes cut. Shuttle table is safe to wanting to notice when the knife, careful work is not contused with emery wheel produce an accident in case. CNC Milling CNC Machining