Brilliant must add WG of material of cutting tool of blade pottery and porcelain

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As the metal that already had 65 years of histories treatment cutting tool produces a business, the spirit that American Greenleaf company innovates ceaselessly with its dedicated for its client the cutting tool with superior performance. Because machine an enterprise to always achieve the goal that raises productivity level through improving processing technique ceaselessly, to satisfy client requirement, greenleaf company rolls out a new-style brilliant to must add material of cutting tool of blade pottery and porcelain -- WG-700. A kind of WG-700 is this company own research and development most advanced brilliant must add material of blade cutting tool, undertake optimizing handling through needing data to brilliant, make the impact resistance of the matrix of WG-700 and wearability have very big rise, integral intensity increases greatly. Greenleaf company is newest and already the coating of accept rice class of patent application can assure to be in cutting process (no matter whether add cooling fluid) can assure small attrition force, high temperature stability, wearability increases, fight oxidisability and chemical stability to also rise considerably. The biggest characteristic of this kind of new-style material is his metallic purify efficiency is compared before an any brilliant must add material of blade pottery and porcelain to want tower above to make multiple. In the times of brutal competition, WG-700 showed the super wearability that come and ground of super intensity utmost to improve productivity below the condition of high rotate speed and big feed. CNC Milling CNC Machining