Rag wheel and polish cream

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One, rag wheel rag wheel is the part that polishing effect has directly on polisher. Accordingly, rag wheel is the crucial factor that affects polishing efficiency and quality directly. Commonly used rag wheel, it is to use tens of layer fiber fabric to pass glue sticky and become cloth annulus or felt annulus, the outerest the craft standard mucus with exterior different basis is sticky get on a kind or count kind of horniness sex grain. Return useful and special fabric, if nylon fiber or cloth are made,become outside not the cloth of grain of glue sticky horniness annulus. 1. The structure of rag wheel, sort and norms rag wheel press framework material cent to be: Rag wheel of cotton cloth rag wheel, fine fur felt, leather rag wheel, nylon rag wheel, paper quality rag wheel and paper - cloth rag wheel a variety of. If express 3-7,classify by the means that make. The measurement that presses sutural distance is different, rag wheel has soft, hard branch again. Sutural space is less, rag wheel is harder. Additional, the cloth of tailor rag wheel, also can affect the hardness of rag wheel directly. Commonly used the specification that wears aureola and rag wheel, type and 3-8 of utility rank watch and watch 3-9. Nextpage 2. Rag wheel is circumferential one of the mainest factors that the chooses rag wheel circumferential career of speed is influence polish effect. With burnish process photograph is compared, polishing belongs to further precision work. Accordingly, the circumferential speed of rag wheel, want to be more than the circumferential speed that grinds aureola commonly. As wait for polishing to make material pledges or of the structure different, the circumferential speed of chooses rag wheel is different also. Watch 3-10 listed a few experience are worth, can offer reference. 2, polishing creams commonly used polish creams, can divide by color for white, green plant with Huang San, its characteristic and utility rank express 3-11, its recipe rank expresses 3-12. Simple introduction makes polishing cream under a few kinds of the most commonly used material. Nextpage (1) sclerotic oil, weigh hydrogenated oil and fat again. It is the liquid that passes by fine adipose (wait like cottonseed oil, fish oil) the oxidation that passes different level (hydrogenation) processing, the solid body that makes or semisolid are adipose. The liquid is adipose in the classics of not saturated constituent with inferior melting point adds hydrogen treatment, turn into the solid with melting point and saturated higher rate or semisolid sclerotic child. (2) rice bran is oily, weigh branny oil again. By rice bran (oiliness makes an appointment with 12 % ~20% ) the semi-drying oil that makes, show olive, density 0.


928g/cm3, freezing point - ℃ of 5 ℃ ~-10, iodine number 92~109. Bases is the glycerine vinegar of oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmy acid. Branny candle is contained to make an appointment with 4 % in crude branny oil. (3) ground candle. The compound of solid olefin hydrocarbon that makes by ground candle mine or treatment of classics of the oil that contain candle. Semifinished product is shown cinnamon to black, highly finished product is white. Ground candle divides extract ground candle and synthetically candle again two kinds. Former by melting point (low be restricted) divide again 67, 75 mix 3 kinds 80. Main use is production lube and vaseline. Latter presses melting point (low be restricted) cent is 60, 70, 80, 90 mix 5 kinds 100. Multi-purpose wait at making cosmetic, stencil, shoeshine, floor wax, insulating material. (4) white wax, weigh China again candle, bug candle or plain candle. It shows white or flaxen solid body, luster. Density 0.


97g/cm3 (15 ℃ ) , melting point ℃ of 80 ℃ ~85. It not dissolve is mixed at water, alcohol ether, yi Rong at benzene, the ester that its bases is candle alcohol and white wax alcohol kind. Multi-purpose wait at making agent of the candle, glazing and salve. (5) olefin, olefin of renown solid form. It is the mixture of solid olefin hydrocarbon essentially, do not have smelly insipidity almost. Olefin cent is yellow, white two kinds of color. Can divide by melting point for 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 and 58 wait for grade. Commonly used synthesize fatty acid, advanced alcohol, match, candle, waterproof agent and report at making insulating material. Olefin not dissolve Yu Shuihe is mellow, but dissolve is mixed at carbon of benzene, chloroform, 2 vulcanization, aether oily kind. Density is made an appointment with 0.

9g/cm3, melting point ℃ of 50 ℃ ~57. (6) red lead, renown Gong Qian, read lead, it is 4 oxidation 3 lead (Pb3O4) local name. (7) feldspathic pink, it is the mixture that the silicate that waits by potassium, natrium, calcium and aluminium comprises, or the aluminous silicate of not hydrous alkali metal and alkaline-earth metal. Bases is 2 oxidation silicon, 3 oxidation Potassium of calcium of 2 aluminium, oxidation, oxidation and oxidation natrium. According to metallic composition different, can divide small plagioclase of the feldspar that it is potassium, albite, Potassium, calcic plagioclase to wait, among them before two kinds of application are more. The choice that polishing creams, main basis is made by polishing material is qualitative (3-13 seeing a table) and calm. Have document introduction, ly2 aluminium alloy makes a polishing treatment should choose GB-400 date polish to cream. In 3-14 of watch of its composition rank. After polishing make a surface touch cream with alumina and polish wait for contamination, the catharsis fluid that place of the usable 3-15 that be like a watch lists is cleaned. CNC Milling CNC Machining