Needle of face milling cutter is the high grade cutting tool that machines to air cylinder body

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: The shape structure of body of engine air cylinder is complex, technical demand is high, machine process complex, working procedure is much, requires cutting tool asks amount of tall, breed is much. The article is aimed at face of joint of body of the air cylinder in treatment of air cylinder body, especially treatment of aperture of bearing of treatment of the treatment of bimetallic union scale, aperture of air cylinder crock and crankshaft, the has distinguishing feature treatment technology that introduced design of place of company of 3 water chestnut reachs outstanding cutting tool. Air cylinder body is the main body of engine, it is the join such as air cylinder lid, crankcase an organic whole, it is the bearing framework of installation piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and other and important part and accessory. Its work requirement is abominable, need bears the force of big negative charge and heat, so this component should have enough strength and stiffness, wear-resisting to be able to bear or endure exhaustion and deflection are small wait for a characteristic, in order to assure each motion spare parts mutual place is proper, movement is normal, vibration and noise are little; Wear-resisting is able to bear or endure fatigue character can prolong its work life. Accordingly, the character to material and its precision of each treatment quality of main surface, dimension, appearance precision and demand of mutual position precision are very high. Its basically machine the surface to have: Go up the surface (amiable crock builds joint) , next surfaces (be filled up through oil and crankcase joint) , the crankshaft hole that forms after lid of bearing of seat surface of lid of aperture of around face, crock, bearing, mount and bearing and serve as craft, main treatment method is mixed for mill, boring auger etc. Because the shape structure of this component is complex, technical demand is high, process is so complex, working procedure is much, requires cutting tool asks amount of tall, breed is much, the article introduces company of 3 water chestnut to differ in the light of air cylinder body for everybody the treatment craft that place machines what design to have distinguishing feature and outstanding cutting tool. The production material of body of air cylinder of   of   of treatment of face of joint of lid of air cylinder of handle of face milling cutter is normally cast-iron, as the car light quantified ceaseless development, the latter aluminous cylinder body that make energy of life also got be used extensively. Have enough wearability to assure hole wall of aluminium alloy cylinder body, reduce the attrition factor in piston motion, crock aperture all is used inside the way that sets cylinder bushing of casting pig gas. Because this formed the surface on cylinder body and the joint range that the crock covers,be bimetallic surface, if be V form cylinder body, go up the surface has left, right two sides to be different metal, these two kinds of metals a plasticity is better, somes another brittleness is big, aluminium alloy cuts bits easy adhere to be on cutting tool, make machine exterior aggravation, once wear away to generate burr very easily, general and rigid difference, easy flutter; Cast-iron mouth of more fragile easy collapse. If treatment hind is both,do not go up in same plane, can affect the sealed rate of firebox directly, affect the performance of engine thereby. So how to choose appropriate cutting tool and craft to make sure strict flatness and exterior surface roughness ask? How to eliminate the collapse mouth of orifice and brim part, burr? To solve these problems, company of 3 water chestnut builds joint face aluminium considering air cylinder material area is larger, choose the PCD with small sex of the good to function of aluminous treatment cutting, adhere that cut bits so (diamond) bit; Good to cast-iron cutting function CBN (cubic nitrogen changes boron) because the adhere sex to aluminous bits is big, was not chosen. Company of 3 water chestnut optimizes the horn before designing finish machining place to use those who take milling cutter of face of PCD razor blade at the same time, advocate deputy slant horn and radius of circular arc of point of a knife, with balanced be out of shape to the extruding force of two kinds of metals and flexibility. Point of a knife of this milling cutter brace up place can pass wedge piece to be adjusted imperceptibly, the milling cutter that the course in actual production adjusts machines on 1000 surfaces continuously, did not go out to concern blemish now and air-tightness is good, obtained the client's affirmation consequently. In addition, enrage cylinder body to be heated up to come loose, there are a lot of cooling openings on the structure, extremely easy remaining cuts bits in treatment, and make engine refrigeration function exasperate, and want eliminate to cut bits in great quantities constant take time is arduous, raise cost. For this, the company developed 3 water chestnut to be able to solve the processing that cut bits, cooling aperture to accumulate bits and dust problem at the same time attract and the milling cutter of collect bits is add structure. This structure reduces the kind of airy or technical cleaner skill through using centrifugal force, plant, solve the problem of above, the client can be chosen according to need, achieve improvement to produce the environment, goal that reduces finished cost thereby. And cast-iron the outfit CBN of the cylinder body applicable that make (cubic nitrogen changes boron) the face milling cutter of bit, age number can undertake big feed rough machining more among them, in order to achieve higher treatment quality and manufacturing efficiency. Aperture of air cylinder crock machines     to have suitable space to assure crock aperture and piston, the precision demand of crock aperture is very high, company of 3 water chestnut used shows boring milling cutter, namely much blade boring cutter. The bit of boring milling cutter that rough machining of other cutting tool uses chooses sexual price to take CVD coat than expensive hard alloy stuff, bit has what can drop cutting negative charge to break bits chamfer. Semifinishing machining and finish machining use the compound boring milling cutter that move back and forth can machine, boring milling cutter downward when, be equivalent to pushing boring in order to undertake semifinishing machining, compound boring head is medium when the reply pull rod pulls orgnaization of the lever that move couplet to make head of finish machining knife is extended up, rotate to undertake finish machining is equivalent to pulling boring up at the same time at the same time; Milling cutter of this kind of boring has the external diameter that cooperates with private plane to extend tone to rectify an orgnaization, control rod takes out what the quantity can compensate finish machining blade to wear away; This orgnaization is returned but with the system determining to connect inside private plane is, make machine precision and cutting tool life to be able to be achieved balanced; Additional, this kind of cutting tool still contains vibrating absorber to be able to prevent the flutter that a variety of elements in treatment cause. Semifinishing machining and finish machining razor blade choose cutting career tall, wearability is good, can carry the CBN data that high accuracy processes for a long time. The bearing that there is bearing crankshaft on body of air cylinder of   of   of treatment of crankshaft bearing aperture, bearing lid is installed on its, the hole of bearing crankshaft bearing is formed after assembling, this aperture is very tall to the requirement such as craft precision and linearity, crankshaft installation goes in, after be together with connecting rod and join of component of output of other motive force again, can rotate worked. The long boring tool that the long Kong Bi with the successive blame that machines this many bearing must use tall tigidity (lever) will machine, because grow diameter to compare,often be called greatly line boring cutter, this cutting tool is used normally go up in private plane, in order to undertake half essence boring and boring of essence of life are machined. Cent of line boring cutter is two kinds: It is the round knife semifinishing machining head and can adjust finish machining knife to place combination to use the way that plays boring to undertake machining together, to rise tigidity and fight brace up center of sexual boring lever inserts hard alloy club; 2 it is to be installed already the knife that can adjust treatment bearing aperture is placed and mount can machine bearing the tool carrier of end panel, after mount cutting tool, can machine bearing aperture and bearing at the same time end panel. Balance a gender to consider the tigidity of boring lever and circumgyrate integratedly, elaborate design of company of 3 water chestnut line boring (lever) the knife is mixed in radial the section structure appearance of axial, elaborate design each bearing what aperture treatment reachs a capacity with small boring cutter is adjustable structure. Body of cast-iron air cylinder and bearing lid joint machine a problem together not quite, body of aluminium alloy air cylinder and joint of cast-iron bearing lid can come up against bimetallic to machine a problem again together, bearing bear the weight of below bigger, it is as better as joint of plain bearing liner to need, accordingly this method applies to cast-iron treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining