Autocycle frame solders robot workstation

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Summary: Brief introduction solders in autocycle frame the technology that industrial robot uses in exercise. Main content has what overall design thought, welder makes a station to form, change the structure of a machine and clamping apparatus body. This kind of workstation is different to other of workpiece solder exercise also has referenced sense. Keyword: Robot; Solder; Robot of 1 introductive industry can raise autocycle not only manufacturing efficiency, and can improve product quality greatly, soldering consequently the application of the domain is very wide. The article passes the example that autocycle solders, introduce the composition of this sort workstation and main technology. Solder by a few loose mail and autocycle frame is become. Certain loose mail is in the working procedure of early days already solder becomes some kind of figure, treat as a spare parts when final frame assembly solders, frame loose mail is shown like graph 1a place. These loose mail must be on clamping apparatus can chase one fixed position and clamp, and interference cannot happen between clamping apparatus and clamping apparatus, should facilitate again solder. From this knowable, frame locates with clamp is quite difficult, ought to divide its a work. Graph 1 frame is formed reach frame to disclose plan (A) frame constitutes sketch map (B) frame discloses plan additional, consider loose mail even beforehand spot welding, of the robot solder speed, the weld time of welding line allocates, case, mix between time receiving arc and clamping apparatus the exercise between robot and clamping apparatus interferes a problem. After passing computation, constructive examination and program, exercise content cent gives priority to a canal beforehand the solder of spot welding, director that finish, frame beforehand spot welding, frame finishs solder 4 working procedure, corresponding ground should establish 4 robots welder to make a station. 2 total position are in before making overall plan, should do 3 things above all (the estimation of dimension of body of 1) clamping apparatus. The plan of fixed position clamp that analyses each loose mail leaves the room with have certain, appraise cipher out places particular external form and bulk, want to use constructive law estimation when necessary. (2) changes certainly the basic form of a machine. Body of workpiece clamping apparatus shoud be able to alternate the position, make workpiece everywhere welding line can get used to the welding torch attitude with likely robot; Additional, to fill cent develops the working ability of the robot, want a work assemble and unassemble time rises as far as possible with the working hours coincide of the robot, had better install device of two clamping apparatus to be able to carry out exchange relative to the robot. (3) presses cautious and model of robot of working space primary election. To the specific work content of some kind of workpiece, the change of a variety of elements such as the technical level that distribution of facilities of degree of the investment of the use amount as the robot, factory, automation, mode of operation, workshop, content spreads means and design personnel, can form plan of many overall design, the course analyses research seriously, contrast repeatedly, final actor singles out the feasible program with an effective suit. Solder to autocycle frame exercise, in be designed actually, make 5 kinds of plan in all. Set out from automation degree, cost, productivity and user opinion, the total distribution plan of final make choice of is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph robot of 2 autocycle frame solders total distribution plan analyses product line frame structure, apparent from advocate the combinative part solution of bent housing and gasoline tank is a kind of better program, if pursue,1b place is shown. Namely first 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 become an organic whole with solder of 6 loose mail, again with 7, 8, 9 solder with 10 loose mail. Total position sets 4 workstation in all. The 1st, 3 workstation all are robot spot welding, the 2nd, the finishing solder that 4 workstation give priority to tubal component and frame assembly. Every workstation all uses 3 freedom to spend revolving stage, divide a work, the robot is in li of side job when exercise, artificial but outer side assembles and unassemble reach setting workpiece. Workstation besides robot noumenon, change outside a machine and clamping apparatus body, still have solder system of air of power source, protection, system sending silk and control system a few parts, if the graph is shown 3 times,its model is configured. Solder of power source negative pole is received through lead respectively mix in welding wire change a machine airframe on; Electric machinery sending silk is installed commonly go up in robot noumenon, silk dish install with filar bucket go up in a frame or put at the ground; Protection is tracheal join with machine sending silk through special connect; Robot control box and electronic-controlled the harmonious operation that box controls whole workstation jointly. Graph 3 robots welder makes station model configure 1.

Collision sensor device 2.

Welding torch 3.

Welding torch is tracheal 4.

Device sending silk 5.

Electric machinery is worn 6.

Tracheal bracket 7.

Contact 8.

Line canal rotates bracket 9.

Protection is tracheal 10.

Pressure is expressed 11.

Protect gas cylinder 12.

Canal sending silk 13.

Control lead 14.

Air switch 15, 16.

Power supply cord 17.

Welder 18.

Monitor 19.

Show teach a box 20.

The robot controls ark 21.

Control cupboard door 22.

Collision sensor lead 23.

Unifinication lead 24.

Contact 25.

Welding wire dish 26.

Welding wire canister 27.

Solder positive electrode lead 28, 29.

Power supply cord 30.

Solder negative pole lead 31.

SK6 robot 32.

Change body of 3 clamping apparatus reachs a machine change a chance plan 4 it is double fulcrum of a 3 axes changes a machine, we analyse its particular rigid structure. Outfit of H structure support is on revolving stage, can rotate 180 ° , commutation places specific place two sets. In H bracket jacket has system of roll of two double fulcrum, respectively drive is placed twice specific, can make robot photograph finds first-rate work place to workpiece. In H bracket quadrilateral the jacket wearing a stage of lower part 4 air cylinder, the fixed position of their drive is sold reach hold in the palm annul make H bracket accurate fixed position, below the function that can handling force substandard force in order to prevent, be out of shape because of H bracket and affect the exercise quality of the robot. Graph double fulcrum of 4 3 axes changes if a structure of revolving stage of machine vertical view pursues show 5 times, communication servo electric machinery passes RV reducer and gear deputy make main shaft drives H bracket to rotate, in 0 ° , 180 ° two positions, with adjacent sensor, super- be restricted switch and link stopper are finished stop the position and when occurrence breakdown detect and locate. Of main shaft mid have a via, the lower end is mixed of down-lead the bracket that make a valve, lead and tube pass main shaft core from below consummate draw H support inside, send to each wiring to mix respectively take-over place, down-lead and the bracket that make a valve and fixed use between the bracket on casing but bent chain pipeline keeps jacket. Graph the double fulcrum of body of clamping device of sketch map of structure of 5 revolving stage rotates systematic structure is shown 6 times like the graph. Outfit of clamping apparatus body is mixed in active side of passive side take over on, the communication servo electric machinery of active side passes body of clamping apparatus of drive of RV decelerate device to rotate. The runner shaft of passive side is hollow, rotate to install the rear in runner shaft into the connect that insult work, compress air to introduce from the rear, the front face from runner shaft is derivative. Solder the negative pole solid of power source is in repeatedly on the right side of bearing box pressure piece on, below the action of bedspring, pressure piece contact with runner shaft from beginning to end, in order to assure good conductivity, and electric current does not pass bearing. Release and gather device the turntable of runner shaft front is electrical wiring. The ultimate position that clamping apparatus body rotates is close to switch to detect through two, if be close to switch occurrence breakdown, active side is taken over bump into a meeting hindly to stop by spacing of dead link stopper turn. Graph 6 pairs of fulcrum rotate sketch map of construction of system installs the clamping apparatus body on revolving stage to divide kind. 1, 2 workstation are body of board type clamping apparatus, 3, 4 workstation are body of frame type clamping apparatus, if pursue,7 are shown. Although configuration is different, but can install through taking over go up in the revolving stage with structural same size. The clamp of the loose mail on body of every clamping apparatus all uses pneumatic means, the difference that its structure follows way of loose mail appearance, orientation and clamp position to wait and differ somewhat. Graph frame of autocycle of 4 last words asks state of bodily form of clamping apparatus of 7 each workstation solder composition of the overall design thought of robot workstation, system and crucial technology can use at other workpiece sort solder in exercise, no matter which are planted workpiece, when use robot, must raise stricter requirement to the precision of work semifinished product, repass a few end-effector that are aimed at workpiece characteristic, change body of a machine, clamping apparatus those who wait is nonstandard design, can introduce a robot in exercise, improve productivity and product quality greatly thereby, increase the competitive vigor of the enterprise. CNC Milling CNC Machining