Can cut random abnormity cut machine

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Should realize blaze and Plasma Cutting when the client when means of two kinds of cut, we can recommend machine of cut of numerical control of dragon door type normally. Ask to become cut of pieces of whole plank when the client however a lot of straight when profile, are we had faster will better idea help a client come true? The Plasma Cutting engine that Inc. of science and technology of Shanghai Wei Hong electron produces is aimed at bull technically namely straight a type of a cut research and development. This type belongs to one of sort of machine of cut of numerical control of dragon door type. The blaze of implementation numerical control that it is having machine of cut of numerical control of dragon door type to have already and plasma are amphibious the function of cut, also can realize bull straight a cut. Blaze, plasma and straight be in harmony of function of 3 big cut is a cut an organic whole, the function is more powerful, make manufacturing efficiency gets more substantially promotion; Fast bull is straight a cut also but of the oldest rate reduce cent when the heat of plank is out of shape, make cut quality more perfect. This type can ask to configure many according to the user straight a cutting torch, also can deploy system of cut of Plasma Cutting machine according to demand, increase a system automatically to also can match according to needing to be chosen by oneself. So ideal design, so powerful function, believe to be able to satisfy your taller cut to ask certainly. CNC Milling CNC Machining