Maximizing Precision and Quality with CNC Machining(non ferrous material Jerome)

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CNC machining has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility in production processes. Chrome stripping is a crucial aspect of this advanced technology, ensuring enhanced durability, aesthetic appeal, and corrosion resistance for various products. In this article, we will explore the significance of chrome stripping in CNC machining and its contribution to producing high-quality components.

Understanding CNC Machining:

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a technique that utilizes computer programs to automate the movement of cutting tools on milling machines, lathes, or routers. This automation enables manufacturers to achieve precise and consistent cuts, shapes, and designs repeatedly.

The Role of Chrome Stripping:

Chrome stripping plays an essential role in CNC machining by enhancing the surface properties and improving the overall quality of the machined components. It involves removing old layers of chromium plating from objects before applying new coating solutions, resulting in a fresh and durable finish.

1. The Chrome Stripping Process:

To produce high-quality chrome-stripped components, a well-defined process must be followed. Here are the stages involved:

a) Surface Preparation:
The first step of chrome stripping includes thoroughly cleaning the surface of the object to remove any dirt, grease, or contaminants. This ensures proper adhesion of subsequent coatings and prevents imperfections.

b) Chemical Removal:
A carefully selected chemical solution is then applied to dissolve the existing chromium layer gradually. Immersion or application methods may be used, depending on the size and shape of the component. This process requires expertise to prevent damage or warping of the underlying material.

c) Mechanical Stripping:
In some cases, mechanical methods like sandblasting or abrasive blasting may also be employed to aid in the removal of stubborn chrome layers. These techniques offer additional precision and control when dealing with intricate designs or delicate materials.

d) Polishing and Deburring:
Once the chrome stripping is complete, polished and deburred surfaces ensure a smooth finish. This step is crucial for aesthetic appeal, as well as for improving functionality by reducing friction or preventing injuries caused by sharp edges.

2. Benefits of Chrome Stripping in CNC Machining:

a) Improved Adhesion:
By removing the existing chromium layer, chrome stripping allows new coatings to adhere more securely to the surface. This enhances the overall durability and longevity of the product, making it resistant to wear, corrosion, and environmental factors.

b) Surface Restoration:
Over time, components may undergo wear and tear, leading to scratches, oxidation, or degradation of the original chrome plating. Chrome stripping eliminates these imperfections, producing restored surfaces that display their true potential.

c) Customization Options:
CNC machining, combined with chrome stripping, offers extensive customization opportunities. Manufacturers can achieve specific levels of shine, texture, or even opt for different finishes like matte or satin effects. Such flexibility helps cater to diverse market demands and individual customer preferences.

d) Environmental Considerations:
Chrome stripping ensures that outdated or damaged chrome coatings are safely removed from objects. This process facilitates proper recycling or disposal, minimizing environmental impact and adhering to sustainable manufacturing practices.


Incorporating chrome stripping into the CNC machining process leads to exceptional quality and precision in the production of components across various industries. From automotive parts to industrial machinery, the benefits of this technique are immense. By following thorough procedures and utilizing advanced technologies, manufacturers can consistently produce visually appealing, durable, and high-performing components. Embracing CNC machining with chrome stripping sets new standards for excellence within the manufacturing sector and paves the way for innovative advancements in the future. CNC Milling CNC Machining