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Gelisen company (Gleason Corporation) rolled out use can change, but the series gear cutting tool of latest technology of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy, include the gear milling cutter, knife that insert tine, hob to wait, these cutting tool can rise significantly large gear and the speed that helical gear machines and efficiency. OPTI-CUT series cutting tool is size scope is machined in its inside (can machine gear modulus to amount to M34[50DP] ) use those who have matrix of advanced hard alloy and coat above all but one of gear cutting tool of dislocation razor blade, but with to large cylinder gear undertakes mill tine, gear hobbing or the whole that use normally when the thick, finish machining that inserts tine cutting tool of type high-speed steel contends for relative superiority or inferiority. Now, through using OPTI-CUT gear cutting tool, the feed rate that gear manufacturer can raise machine tool of its gear cutting greatly and cutting speed (can undertake doing type cutting even) , conduce to the treatment totle drilling cost that reduces every workpiece thereby. Use to repeat, after the cutting surface of integral type cutting tool wears away, need new to its blade to grind, and cutting tool of use OPTI-CUT gear can save the time related to this and cost. After OPTI-CUT cutting tool wears away, need to go to bit dislocation simply only a new cutting blade, can fast, easy and economic ground solves a problem. Change in need before bit, have 4 cutting blade but dislocation is used. In addition, the system of firm of bit snail clench that OPTI-CUT cutting tool uses a kind to have distinguishing feature alone (already won patent) . Because this system used bevel angle to tighten solid screw (is not the close solid bolt that becomes right angle with bit) , because this can use longer bolt,tighten the security of solid in order to improve bit. Because have larger operation space, need not disassemble when bit dislocation cutting tool or use special screwdriver. Series of OPTI-CUT gear cutting tool has very good versatility: The gear milling cutter that can offer type of all sorts of cutter hub dimension, razor blade and geometrical form, hob and the knife that insert tine, all sorts of rough machining of contented and can existing wind report, mining, electric power and the large and columnar gear that a lot of other industry place use and finish machining, inside tine or outside tine, different modulus and dentiform treatment demand. Gelisen the company is the development, whole world that make and sells gear cutting machine tool and relevant equipment lead company, its product applies extensively at car, aviation, agriculture, building, generate electricity, the industry such as shipping. This company manufactures the gear cutting tool of all sorts of types, breed and norms, OPTI-CUT is the newest member of its gear cutting and product line of finish machining cutting tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining