Laser beam welding is received -- those who provide material and profile treatment is brand-new choice

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Graph 1 laser beam welding receives cable cortical laser had become process instrumentation of a kind of industry, will machine the carbolic steel with all sorts of all sorts of appearance, large walls, stainless steel and nonferrous metal to be able to achieve very ideal result with it. Be based on the character of laser, laser became solder to receive tubal material, profile, and treatment curiums the ideal of the belt chooses. Continuously, high quality solder take-overs material and profile are efficient to be being meant for generator with low cost. Begin from 1994, fast begin what use CO2 laser at stainless steel canal to solder, solder speed is as high as 80m/min. Because CO2 stimulates the special appearance of beam of light, make obtain big deep wide became a possibility than welding line. When using laser beam welding to receive, welding line width is the widest have 0 only.

5mm. And be in charge of material interior, welding line width is smaller. Very tall solder speed, very few heat is inputted, brought result is to be out of shape very small. The stability that laser beam welding receives is very tall, it is certain that this assured to be in board deliver a child of the solder of OK and successive, high quality ground that finish produces the tubal material inside large range, profile. Current, laser has made way wide of the ideal that produces than old tubal capable person and profile anthology. Of complex profile solder with the tradition the method is different, proof of different just of welding line appearance understands laser beam welding to receive outstanding treatment result. Be like fillet weld, or need what stuff data will strengthen to build receive welding line, use laser beam welding to receive treatment to be able to get very large joint area. To butt joint connect, stimulate beam of light to penetrate directly plank, solder them together. Solder when butt welding is seamed, use deep fusion welding, solder intensity basically is decided by ply of mother capable person, the mechanical strength that such getting is the greatest. This also is why laser beam welding can be used solder high pressure is in charge of (IHF) reason. Graph 2 laser beam welding are received medical the hypodermic needle laser beam welding on injector is received can get used to a variety of soldering neatly contact form, this also makes laser beam welding was become solder the first selection of complex profile. Even if is the stuff that takes coat, multilayer lap joint, all can use laser beam welding to receive. This also was initiated new-style shaping means, from this, profile can be machined further instantly. Tall treatment speed, reliable treatment stability and solder rarely splatter the economy that made laser beam welding receive profile and efficient. CO2 laser can be obtained commonly deep and narrow welding line, also ask to get broader welding line as far as possible according to Ban gold ply sometimes, solder for example tube wall is large in 0.


Cortical or the cable between 5mm is thin tubal material. Machine a method to this kind, connected fast TruLaser Cell 1100 to deploy laser of a solid. Solid laser has good facula figure, wavelengh is 1064nm, it can optimize heat to conduct solder, can machine stainless steel and aluminium not only, still can machine the nonferrous metal such as copper or gold. When undertaking heating up conductive soldering with laser, the thermal diffusion of material as before very small, this can big earth improves efficiency, because almost all energy are used in solder. Welding line is having clean, high quality and slick surface. Produce short profile laser and TruLaser Cell 1100 efficiently to produce short profile can efficiently. Enter manufacturing plant one dug unexpectedly, you can discover those who come out to short profile is not serial production, is produce with the small Duan Sheng of 6m or 12m mostly. Here, the profile of diversification needs a few fundamental conditions to be able to be produced only come out. Nextpage understands rapid development the laser system that is used technically at optimizing tubal material and profile to solder -- range of products of TruLaser Cell 1100, can satisfy all sorts of need, safety in operation, simple. To new user, truLaser Cell 1100 also is the ideal option that laser beam welding receives tubal material and profile. Graph 3TruLaser Cell 1100 TC, CO2 laser is compositive in smooth road range of products of TruLaser Cell 1100 is covered an area of although the area is small, but all things that can offer user place to need however: Laser, the smooth route system of solder connect and the axis that all sorts of differring solder with ensuring the accessibility of area. TruLaser Cell 1100 is optional match CO2 laser or solid laser. On TruLaser Cell 1100 TC, laser is direct and compositive go up to machine crust; The laser of TruLaser Cell 1100 T can be placed independently it is besides workbench. Laser light beam arrives from another place coupling in smooth road. The system can assemble the smooth road of TruLaser Cell 1100 T/TC to go up in product line directly. Its solder connect installation is on the rod that processes direction, the slide block that passes electromotor drive can realize positional adjustment, in order to get optimal weld zone region. Use at the axis of electromotor drive Z that adjusts highly, accept solder a new inside the shortest time fixed position, in order to get used to the tubal material of different diameter. A variety of welding line dog the system can offer an alternative, such even if welding line are irregular, also can ensure facula is all the time on welding line from beginning to end. Satisfied the requirement that welding line shapes so, can put in visible area even. TruLaser Cell 1100 P/PC is having the functional structure like TruLaser Cell 1100 T/TC, axis of its electromotor drive X can be transverse the position that adjusts treatment head. Such production can adjust solder connect neatly according to welding line position when the profile of different width. TruLaser Cell 1100 P/PC also has rotor on treatment head, can adjust the incident angle of beam of light so, get used to different welding line position. This means laser light beam need not always perpendicular in profile apparently, also can solder from any angle workpiece. The Z axis of electromotor drive adjusts solder connect on height, make the machine can apply to the profile of different sort. If think in same job the position needs darker welding line, also had more solutions so. Be united in wedlock with laser of high power CO2, in same solder the position can come true solder deepness spans a few millimeter, penetrate gold of a few Ban folds a layer even. Laser beam welding receives the typical industry that runs material and profile to include to build a technology, the industry such as car technology and medical treatment technology, these industries are mixed to precision, quality commonly safe demand is very high. Graph 4 welding line dog systematic TRUMPF Seamline is online monitor reach dog the facula place when systematic laser beam welding is received is right solder the impact of quality is very big, especially butt joint welding line. Why do this understand rapid research and development namely welding line detects and dog systematic Seamline. Sensor system explores aperture and adjust solder connect automatically weld zone region. Aperture deviation can carry machine or optical means detects, can adjust below the help in real time SPS solder the position. To material of a few canals and profile solder, the hope serves with a laser at many workbench, this can come true through connecting fast LaserNetwork. When this function is using solid laser, laser is passed fiber-optic and deferent go up to treatment camera lens. Laser can be installed independently it is besides the system, can match 6 output at most fiber-optic. CO2 laser can pass prismatic component and smooth brake to give many workstation efficiently to use laser allocation likewise. Connect fast system and all component are to solder continuously design. All illuminator and camera lens are water-cooling model and constant temperature works. Laser is operated for ceaseless machine and design. Sensor can explore welding line deviation, adjust camera lens accordingly, assure to last best solder the effect. Even if appears stay machine case, also can undertake through TelePresence function fast and reliable online diagnose. CNC Milling CNC Machining