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The market of the comparative change of ERP of 1 static state and dynamic ERP, client is right the service that the requirement of more and more individuation mixes the product to offer high quality for the client, ask contemporary company is had taller flexible in order to get used to the change of market trends, traditional administrative idea and method cannot have satisfied such requirement. A lot of enterprises are being searched so a kind of solution, it needs to satisfy the following requirement: 1) supports industry organization to reframe to recombine with business course; 2) faces company business technological process; 3) is based on the summary that numerous and successful business management carries out and abstraction; 4) supports the abidance of the business flow of constant change and business flow to improve. In the past people all the time the static ERP solution of tradition of with a view to. The enterprise of system of ERP of executive static state must finish below a series of jobs: 1) industry organization and business course build a model; 2) hand building site uses product of model translate into the program to configure; Of 3) effective system carry out. But, static ERP solution puts in following serious abuse: 1) the business model of predefine too become rigid; The parameter that 2) too much need configures afresh; The configuration with too long 3) and executive time. Its are as a result, the client's early days builds the get one's own back that gets expectant in the system after modular investment often is building. Because,this is, as the changes of time, the static system that will define according to old business pattern often gets used to new demand for service no longer. To overcome the inadequacy of system of ERP of this kind of static state, people begins to change the look to the dynamic ERP that with business flow ceaseless improvement is a target in the open technology environment that supporting Internet/Intranet the system (the research of Dy-namic-ERP) . The function building a model of system of this kind of dynamic ERP has immanent dynamic capacity, improved this two respects what build model and flow of supportive company business from existent business flow to show its adequately continuously " in order to change meet an emergency " advantage. Specific for, dynamic ERP system has following characteristics: 1) abounds improvement business model library ceaselessly. 2) can get used to the change of business flow completely. These change include logistic flow to go up alter and the improvement on technical implementation. 3) generates the system that a client changes to run an environment. The client need not install code of any systematic parameter, change or definition user interface by hand. Dynamic ERP builds modular implementation to dynamic enterprise, make business management person, executive personnel of business analysis personnel and system can focus attention at practice of a series of high-level management function, best business and flow, is not sophisticated application software is debugged or perpetual product detail is configured. Of course, the client can be developed in proper motion or outside the intercrop with the both model that buys place to need gives an option. But generally speaking, if use the referenced model that is aimed at an industry to serve as the starting point that builds new model, carry out the job building a model in the process so actually to will be quickened greatly. Of model of 2 dynamic industries make dynamic EBP system dynamic now enterprise builds a model (Dynamic Enter, PriseModeling, the administrative concept of abbreviation DEM) and software come true. The graph shows those who be dynamic industry model 1 times to form. It organizes structural model, business course model, business function model, business to control model of data of model, industry to comprise by the enterprise. Industry data model is the base that dynamic industry model builds form. Among them: 1) enterprise organizes a model (a kind of description that Enterprise Organization Model) is pair of industry organizations and personnel structure; Model of 2) business flow (the definition that Business Process Model) is course of dry to the proprietor of an enterprise business and branch business course and description; Model of 3) industry data (Enterprise Date Model) is all industry data (include to manage data, production data, product data to wait) gather. Industry data model is supported by place of relation database system mostly; 4) business controls a model (the definition that Business Process Control Model) is pair of business processing processes, description and business course pilot are carried out. 3 dynamic enterprises build model of industry of modular tool trends build rely on the dynamic tool that build a model to finish. The dynamic tool that build a model recommends a model with what will build applied system, the business technological process that supports an industry and demand are changed thoroughly into the setting in the system, offer a kind of brand-new frame structure that runs mode and system for the enterprise, ensure the applied system of the enterprise matchs the business flow that often improves and business model cheek by jowl. Pass it, the business information in can using a will primary system is changed in new system to come conveniently. Apply the tool that build a model to face the method of flow and component, the enterprise can go to image of his real business flow specific business target, function and job flow, reduce the time that the system carries out and cost greatly thereby. But what here should point out is, the tool building a model that different software development business and software vendor offer or uses is different (develop him vendor of business, software to develop) by software commonly. The AIBAS system that organizes laboratory development with production of German Kassel university is exemple, it includes a series of corresponding tools as follows [2] : 1) organizes the tool that build a model. Use at building an enterprise to organize structural model. 2) business course builds modular tool. Use at the plan of company business course. 3) business function builds modular tool. With the development that handles software package at business course. 4) data model builds modular tool. Use at building industry data model. 5) business course controls the tool that build a model. Use at building business course to control a model. 6) assists a tool. Apply this tool to be able to develop imitate to support a system (system of SSS) , decision-making support (DSS) , visible system (intelligence of VSS) , computer (CI) . Current, great majority of this kind of software uses the computer language development such as VC++ , Java. The linchpin that 4 component technology builds the applied trends enterprise in the model to build a model in dynamic enterprise is in what organize a structure at the system can get used to an enterprise dynamicly, quickly to recombine with business flow regular ground change undertakes. This is applying systematic software to develop a few new technologies that in technology of contemporary software project is being used in the process, use with respect to the requirement, package technology is among them one of. Because package place is had but put sb in a very important position and but the characteristic of inheritance, so, using package technology is the important method that dynamic enterprise builds a model. Nextpage4.

The characteristic component of 1 component has following character: 1) faces an user: Application can be inspected, blame program changes development tool to build model of company application system. Package develops a tool to be supported by graphical user interface, the person that do not ask to use has capacity of computer process designing. And this is planted support is perforative the whole process that till use a system finally,develops from package development. 2) is flexible: Comprehensive, of individuation, adjustable get used to ability. The industry that belongs to as a result of company place, dimensions, diversity that produces a type, and the regular change of industry organization and business flow, the software that requirement software vendor or developer provide can get used to the requirement of enterprise individuation. Package undertakes accommodative the requirement of enterprise individuation with two kinds of different methods. Package undertakes adaptability adjustment with two kinds of different kind: ① undertakes in an application system package is changed when, pass freedom, the correspondence of optional component and data table will undertake adaptability adjustment; ② have the aid of develops a tool to undertake structuralization suits at package. The change that package development tool allows to undertake is not a program changing to all unit and undertake adaptability adjustment by him person that use. 3) is not dependence: Package and its function and some have particular independent character between particular applied system. Package can be developed independently and check apart that is to say. 4) opens a gender: Do not rely on the type of the enterprise and dimensions, warehouse system, much operating system can be occupied in majority move on platform. All unit in the system all do not rely on system of some kind of database. For example, the package that have the aid of develops at developing tool place and applied system, data can execute changeover between different compose database. If arrive from to load of an Infomix database another Oracle database (or its database) . And, can change a few outside data easily in the system to come. 5) is successional: In whole development process, by development the tool realized the connection between company design and applied system development. Design process organization and data organization from the enterprise, till use each measure of the system finally, the person that use is supported by corresponding development tool. The package that by development the tool develops is OK by for many times put sb in a very important position and combination, the person that use so should have a good command of only less main unit. If a data logs onto an interface to be able to be used at the input of a task, the information that also can examine all processes or the content to data table are browsed quickly. 6) updates easily: When existing system cannot satisfy a requirement, the enterprise can choose undertake to having applied system reopen is sent commonly, often do not abandon existing system. Accordingly, when be being sent to the system expands or undertaking reopen, the component in existing application system is OK by put sb in a very important position. For this, the data form that must contain to applying the place in the system and unit (if data logs onto interface, algorithm to wait) undertake an analysis, comprise corresponding component next. Reduced investment already so, shortened greatly again development cycle. But, premise condition is package must be pressed unified, the regulation of standardization will design. 7) transparency: Visible package content makes development staff OK the function that understands package better, reduce a mistake. Regular meeting of classics of the person that in developing a process, use encounters such problem, namely: If be in,the mistake appears when use component, were the blemish that is package oneself so or attrib border condition satisfied? Be clear about when package after undertaking classification and structuralization, the function of package and structure are clear. So, the person that use can know its content clearly, and be in try to change when necessary. 4.

2 component development recommends model development and development of final application system to suit mainly but put sb in a very important position and but flexible assorted requirement, the point of a few following respects should note in business component development: 1) versatility -- the versatility requirement in when package is developed, answering to be developed considering applied system. For example, in the development of database form component, should satisfy the versatility requirement when applied system is developed the definition of the structure of form, data as far as possible; Sex of 2) broad sense -- should develop the package that has different function and sort, ask in order to satisfy the enterprise individuation of means of different company type, different production and different company dimensions; 3) is standardized -- the development tool that uses as a result of place is different, wanting the standardization that accomplishs package is impossible. The standardization that indicates here is to show the premise that using same development tool falls, develops package should accord with an uniform standard as far as possible; 4) is taller flexible -- in recommending model and process of applied system development, package already OK and direct by put sb in a very important position, after also can undertaking be modificationed appropriately by put sb in a very important position; 5) structure is concise -- package should have concise structure, so that recommend a model to cite in development and applied system development and undertake adaptability is transformed at be in, the management of package also goes to the lavatory in the meantime. The clear description of 6) function, parameter -- should give clear description as far as possible to the function of package and parameter, in order to facilitate the management of package; The user interface with friendly 7) . The track that 5 dynamic enterprises build a model is with AIBAS system exemple, technology of applied AIBAS component undertakes industry trends builds a model to be able to be divided for company system flow of design, business plans and apply a system to develop [these 3 main measure come 3] implementation, if pursue,2 are shown. 1) company system is designed (pattern plate of design of structure of organization of the industry in USE) application software can construct the constituent structure frame of the enterprise, definition and descriptive enterprise organize in-house function and task, can belong to place function and task to generate business flow of the standard automatically. 2) business flow plans (flow of GPP) application business plans pattern plate, the standard business circuit that can design the place in pattern plate to generate to the enterprise undertakes correction, flow of business of OK also and new tectonic main force and branch business flow, the business flow that constructs place and module of business flow control join, realize the control that handles to business flow. 3) application system is developed (ANW) application system is main include composition by a series of software that carry out different function. Like product sale subsystem, production plans and subsystem of finance affairs of control subsystem, stock management subsystem, plan, quality manages the composition such as subsystem. Staff of applied system development must is opposite above all applied system undertakes an analysis, the function of bisect system and task undertake decomposing, apply package to develop a tool to develop corresponding business package next, exactly the amount occupies form component, data interface component, algorithmic component, carry out the processing of business course by the combination of corresponding component. The component in package library manages a tool by package -- package management implement (BSM) undertakes visible turn management with text. In using a system besides above beyond the module that narrates specific executive professional work to handle a function, still have a support system: System of 1) decision-making support (DSS) , it is the support of pair of decision-making levels; 2) imitate supports a system (SSS) , it is pair of plans and the support that command the level; 3) computer intelligence (IC) , it is to apply faintness to be mixed logically adjust the support that the intelligence that mechanism correspondence uses changes. The function that handles by business course finally asks, by menu builder (the user bill of fare that MEN) creates a graph to change. Control by business course in applying a system to run a course (the job flows) module (the control that GPS) carries out pair of business flow to handle. CNC Milling CNC Machining