How does craze of grab size arm do? How to solder is repair interstitial?

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Craze of grab size arm is very much dig friend people the problem that encounter, because its regard grab as main working part, basic every movement should get power, although technology of contemporary and steely smelt already special develop, but not was in all sorts of force still can assure changeless form for long below action, tear off, tatty iron and steel. So specific be what reason brings about craze? We this how Where is repair? The cause that causes craze of grab size arm has a lot of. One, used those who exceed former outfit to fight a look to dig bottle. Than consistent stage the grab of 10 tons of class used above of 20 tons of class dig bottle, can cause size arm excess load unusual work and craze, so every type should use what fight a look with former outfit correspondence to dig bottle. 2, driver mode of operation is incorrect. Dig hard heavy thing to exert oneself to do sth. excessive, rigid is dug by force, dig machine use when crane, condole clog is the cause that causes craze of grab size arm. 3, successive long working load is too big, cause fatigue sex loss, especially mine works, size arm craze is relatively common, do not long excess load works. The working load of mine is big, is bringing about grab to break an arm possible so how does craze of grab size arm do? One, must clear weld clean before solder; 2, certain warm-up should undertake before soldering; 3, when soldering, must choose solder suitably material; 4, when soldering, must make sure solder is appeared; Before soldering, must clear, take off original craze solder flesh namely, with hand in burnish machine grind or enrage dig with respect to the arc that use carbon conditionally, but after dig must burnish is clean ferric oxide. Possible sentence still needs to soldering positional warm-up 100 degrees. After that reoccupy diameter 3.

Solder of 2J507 welding rod, solder stops a little while, with hammer knock welding line and welding line brim, hammer knock is used all the time after waiting for complete solder to be over, cool basically till welding line. The purpose is to release welding stress, because heat treatment cannot be made after solder. When soldering, must make sure solder is appeared, if gap of welding line position is big,can be in inside add backboard. Welding rod model is very important. If want to do material knowing what to pledge that has to take some of Tie Mei laboratory test, one check came out, matched welding rod to go according to composition next. J507 welding rod is enough used, tensile strength of 50 kilograms of class, it is steel of a kind of structure nevertheless. If 507 had used before you can make sure solder is appeared again and still crack, suggest you change J607, should use quite. As a whole, the situation that digs act on one's own judgment in an emergency to crack as a result of every is different, we cite a case below, can show major case basically. Measure one, by rupture place left and right sides is cut each go side panel 180mm comes 200mm, the cover board below cuts the width foundation that go to go up to be cut more again with side panel go making an appointment with 150mm. Part of the blue in the graph is cut for side panel go part, red goes to issue cover board to cut part. Measure 2, good scaleboard is hit below the cover board that rupture, solder is good, cover board is interstitial also along with all the others solder is good. Solder process should level off arises without bleb. Measure 3, after solder is good, according to measure one in the blue part side panel that cuts, by dimension new cut an iron plate solders go up, and scaleboard is hit inside. Scaleboard wants longer than sealing the side panel that go up place. Measure 4, finish on after the pace, cover board of poor copy did not zip, before back cover cover board, still hit scaleboard first, why to hit scaleboard? How to often hit scaleboard? Hit scaleboard simple, crude, effective. Pursue as follows, after hitting scaleboard to reach a good motherboard, mending is finished basically. Next can burnish, filling be bored with child on paint. CNC Milling CNC Machining