Completely dynamoelectric hydraulic pressure notes the characteristic of model machine and applied introduction

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1, completely dynamoelectric the advantage  of the machine that note model is completely dynamoelectric the need that notes model machine to be able to satisfy special purpose not only, and still have than common the machine that note model more advantages. Recently, germany expends Luo Ma to carry gram rice to help clone company / applied branch director Dr. JorgDassow of FerromotikMilacron opens wide in the company say inside the workshop: "In local domain, only hydraulic pressure records model machine pressure of complete perhaps harbour notes model machine to just have this kind of main good point. " at the same time, he thinks to shut model and field of extremely tall the forming that lock up a model extremely for long in need, still be to need to record model machine with hydraulic pressure.  Dr. Jorg points out, completely dynamoelectric the advantage that the machine that note model already was approved is feebleminded bad news and high accuracy. He alleges, the technician that expends Luo Ma to carry the rice that overcome · to help clone company people already confirmed completely dynamoelectric the sources of energy that pours model machine to be able to save 50%-70% , and there also is similar effect with the respect in cooling water benefit. Additional, as a result of completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model is the independent drive pull rod that uses journey weak point, its are consequently accurate very tall. Completely dynamoelectric the high accuracy reciprocate of the machine that note model cannot oversight, because be opposite,the quality demand of model aircraft component already rose apparently. Completely dynamoelectric another advantage of the machine that note model can reduce noise namely, this makes be versed in people benefits not only, and still can reduce sound insulation to produce the investment in the workshop to build cost.  2, Japan is completely dynamoelectric Japan of  of general situation of development of the machine that note model notes model aircraft manufacturer to be in early 20 centuries 80 time take the lead in developing completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model, and come for years replace a technique ceaselessly. Exhibited on 2003NPE exhibition day energy company / Nissei newest series is completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model. Its EljectNex series includes 9 kinds of type, the force that lock up a model by 30-460 ton. Suitable scope is wide, from small-sized and accurate component, much constituent assembly all can be produced to large part. Trexel company has come to an agreement with day energy company, bubble of their Mucell small hole patent technology installs the type that locks up modular force to 30 tons to go up. Divide in addition, 50% what because day energy company sells the product that goes to China to already occupied its,exit measures, they plan to will set agency in Shanghai, establish client service and spare parts to deserve to send a center. The Nex series that company of  day energy makes records model machine main good point is the choice that can enlarge Injection Molding limits and those who have a kind to call Tact is brand-new control system, the advantage that this series notes model machine is the fluctuant change that controls a system to reduce the pressure that note model. Compare with EljectES series photograph, the precision of its Injection Molding wants tower above 50% . The response character with have better and but repeatability, note model speed to be able to rise consequently 40% . Additionally Tact system has very broad control program, if the craft inside dwell pressure, pressure combining a model and model is controlled,have control program of the standard. In the meantime, the large wall that the character of high load can solve bright to learn utility kind the product produces a problem. The device that place a model (compressed clip model) main characteristic is can relatively apace undertakes / close to go out with the top control an operation. Because had these advantages, from the lock the standard cannot be improved a goods, time can shorten 35% . Compressed clip model can obtain the shift that supports by the center and fixed pressing plate to transmit those who come over is even force combining a model.  comes from Japan another times live friendly / Sumito-mo company alleges, the series of new generation SED that they produce notes model machine to will cause people to be completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model and miscellaneous mix type, fluid pressure type to note model machine to have a controversy. The high speed that SED series notes model machine to note hydraulic pressure of miscellaneous mix up model machine, high pressure and completely dynamoelectric those who record model machine is energy-saving, cleaner production machines an environment, high accuracy and repeat the advantage such as function to rise integratedly, serve as one large window with direct drive technology. Production has a variety of norms type, force of highest lock model can amount to 200 tons SED series to note model machine to have electric machinery of servo of 4 direct drive, use at drive model to change, note model, add up to model and top to give unit. Besides model outside changing, every pace is run all use bolt of a scroll and nut transmission. 4 electric machinery did not install conveyer belt, provides mechanical energy, repeatability can achieve optimal result with abiding function, still can avoid to use what conveyer belt place brings to wear away at the same time, the trouble that adjusts conveyer belt clearance and dirt to fall.  3, insert shapes the vertical that the completely dynamoelectric vertical that  stays in friendly company notes the new SR series of model machine to record model machine is belt revolving stage coming back notes model machine to be production technically insert, inject again the component designs, the component industrialization that applies at car, electron, medical treatment and consumptive things produces a field. Installation of this kind of machine that note model has 5 servo electric machinery, in just produce power of apply the brake when necessary, can use the sources of energy effectively so. Measure of 5 mechanical movement includes: Model is changed, inject, add up to model, top to go out and platform rotates to be controlled by these servo electric machinery. Introduce according to staying in friendly company, extent of deviation of average of precision of shot of this kind of machine that note model under 0.

02% , repeatability is very tall.  because this model the treatment processing that notes model function enough synchronism to have insert and product, still high speed rotates platform, accordingly its shape cycle is very short. When platform rotates to be used 180 degrees, the dynamoelectric gear drive on the machine that note model is less than 1.

6 seconds, and use device of a mechanical apply the brake will repeat fixed position, have again, SR series still has those who compare other firm to note model machine to be able to reduce the moving contrail of 30% and space, than hydraulic pressure vertical the machine that note model reduces the electric energy of 50% to use up, and lower to the requirement of cooling system good point.  4, miscellaneous mix type dynamoelectric  of the machine that note model is in He Siji company / Husky is rolled out miscellaneous after mixing the machine that note model to score a success before long, those who stayed in friendly company to reveal them to common people again is new-style miscellaneous mix the machine that note model, the model that can offer has SE350HY and SE450HY two kinds. This kind those who contain accumulator is miscellaneous mixing the machine that note model is to be what pack and develop a design only. Set 3 servo electric machinery, use a number - loop of complete closed circuit of number and number controls a system, use at controlling model to change, add up to model and top to go out wait for treatment process. Accumulator of fluid pressure type and live the design of hydraulic pressure system that lever of ancon of friendly SGM high speed notes model machine to go up is very similar. Use at operating displacement to register model unit, protect pressure / back pressure and screw are answered pull wait for a movement. Two accumulator and a powerful person of numerical control servo are linked together together, a powerful person of numerical control servo matchs stock nicety to monitor control and feedback device, in order to obtain accurate inject control. Speed sensor and servo a powerful person can make quick response, undertake controlling to noting model procedure. Accumulator of account of high capacity, bubble can ensure pressure stabilizes control, can eliminate the dependence of pair of tailor-made nitrogen fill consequently, still can reduce the effect that brings because of place of change of outside air temperature. In addition, what hydraulic pressure oil and nitrogen pressure pass feeling loop to be able to ensure pressure is constant control and smooth pressure are transmitted.  5, optics injects with component production  demand of market of plastic and optical component is increasing ceaselessly. In equipment of car, communication, sensor, medical apparatus and instruments and consumable domain, plastic and optical component has received wide application. Already extended biology technology and environmental technology domain now, carry the current that develops continuously. Compare with glasswork craft photograph, the optical part that with inject plastic technology makes its are main the advantage is to very great freedom designs a space, complex geometrical graph part also can Injection Molding, additional, join like connector, screw or whole set component all can be noted directly for an organic whole. Shape cycle weak point and automation rate make inject shapes high craft has clear cost advantage than vitreous production technology. Optical purity, light transmittance and refractive index are the element that chooses to make optical component material, this limitted the choice scope that machines craft.  is based on these element and mix to accuracy but the requirement of repeatability, must select system of an appropriate production, repeatability is to point to to in producing a course, need not be adjusted further can ensure the quality error of every goods is minimal. Germany Badufeier / the EM series that Battenfeld company makes is completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model is by drive of electric machinery of servo of total number word, motion is very accurate. Additional, this kind of machine that note model still has the cycle that note model short with moving cost low good point. EM series is completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model already had the power that lock up a model recently from 55-176 ton model. The  EM1000/350UnilogB4 machine that note model is a kind of machine noting model that can be used at producing optical component. How does the flank that closing modular plant contain at 5 o'clock device of double ancon lever, its are had to the control of clamp pressure but repeatability. Device lubricates in the center of depart with moulding area photograph, critically undertakes lubricating to each ancon lever contact and drive axis. Although be in,have slip resolution and the pattern of the device that smoke core inside, the pattern is mixed locking machine is effective below high accuracy control also. The mould locking machine on this kind of B4 machine that note model returns installation to many control a system to curve of fixed position pressure.  notes the installation inside model plant to have two synchronous electric machinery. Screw feed in raw material paragraph set sensor, improved the control to real pressure further. Can finalize the design to the refrigeration inside the model data is carried out transmit directly, need not make any adjustment, shortened from this finalize the design time. And, system of drive of servo hydraulic pressure gifts to the mould tall nozzle contacts pressure. Similar the run mode of afore-mentioned standards, can shorten shape periodic. Move when drive can slow drop level, servo electric machinery can provide high-energy compensation. Because do not have oily cooling measure, the specific power consumption of the machine that note model decreases relatively, save at least 20% , and use Badufeier the device combining a model of the company criterion but energy-saving and highest amount to 50% .  6, the carrier that CD  is CD likewise, DVD dish than CD dish utility is more, crop is big also. Be based on this reason, toyo machinery and metallic company had developed a high accuracy servo that is used at making DVD CD to record model machine. Set 4 to turn to pull rod (4TD) , machine of inject of double electric machinery, system of clamp of mould of fixed pressing plate calls the new-style control system of PLCS-11 with. As a result of the ply that DVD CD asks to unite, consequently 4TD can adjust parameter to adjust in serial production process the ply of CD, the DiscPro series ST50 that Toyo company makes records model machine, can CD of DVD of the synchronous production that note model.  faces Chinese market to be opposite the constant growth of demand of the machine that note model, toyo company expands the shop that is set in Japanese mainland produce can. Output of the month after extend can amount to 40. So far the CD of whole Japan manufacturer notes model machine to produce per month can turn over one times, namely 80.  7, much constituent of  of much component Injection Molding shapes the machine that note model is with Germany · carries Feiluoma the improved series of the completely dynamoelectric Elektra that restrains a company is a delegate. This Germany company revealed this to plant on Fakuma exhibition recently small-sized 155 pairs of lubricious machine that note model. Those who contain 2+2 antrum is install to rotate inside the clamp device of the machine that note model platform, the switch box that produces home appliance can be assembled inside the model. This machine that note model has a vertical additionally the completely electric unit that note model, making what the person is interested is it also can make fluid pressure type already miscellaneous mix type to record model machine, improve as a kind of concolorous model the machine that note model.  8, small injection shapes  is opposite as domain of medical treatment technology the constant growth of miniature appliance demand, of miniature component shape to give die manufacturer and manufacturer of the aircraft that note model to bring a challenge at the same time, because reliable miniature component requirement has quality to note material deal accurately with what relapse,this is. The plastic grain of treatment should ensure every diameter does not exceed 1.

5mm, expect with assuring to enter and melt stock is even.  should obtain the frit of high quality to expect accordingly, must deploy appropriative to note model machine and plastic bead.  Germany expends collect Ma · to carry gram company to roll out a kind of diameter to be the screw of 14mm, change control, fuse-element to model even and the control of the smallest shot has very good effect. On Fakuma exhibition this kind of screw is installed demonstrate on the Elektra that in Feiluoma · carries gram company machine that note model, use 4 model antrum mould, produce a quality for 0.

The hearing hearing aids of 694g. The model of screw of this kind of small diameter changes length enough to make sure the quality that produces product of this kind of small part is consistent. Company of energy of  Japan day rolled out force combining a model to amount to the 3 tons EljectAU3E machine that note model, installation has it is treatment only the project is plastic (like polyformaldehyde) the special screw that wait, contain the force plunger of diameter of a 8mm. Day energy company also produces the EljeetET5 engine that note model, its join modular force is 5 tons, needle opposite is produced 0.

Of 5-5g note plastic make. This kind of machine that note model designs structure of wide pull rod, can accommodate the mould of 150mm of a 150 × , use immediate pressure to close modular plant, can prolong the service life of the mould allegedly. The place on put together is narrated, can see completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model is to be the function that note model to get used to the faster, higher pressure, requirement that raises accuracy and Gao Ling active only and design. Rise productivity and reduce cost, it is completely dynamoelectric those who record model machine is main sell a site.  (information source: China mechanically-laid web) CNC Milling CNC Machining