Laser beam welding is received reach its quality to control

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At present laser beam welding receives a large number of application in automobile industry, it is mature to explained laser beam welding receives a technology to already tended. But laser beam welding receives technology and tradition solder technical phase is more complex than appearing, the section mixes quality operating ring to solder traditionally quality control also differs somewhat, because this strengthens quality control, the development that solders to laser is having important sense. The characteristic with the basiccest laser is: Monochromatic sex, directional, dependency. These unique character are added from this and the tall brightness that come, exceed the property such as short pulse to make it suits to solder very much treatment. Laser beam welding receives a technology to arrive by pulse in the application of production domain successive, you Xiaogong leads high-power, arrive by thin plate thick, arrive by simple single welding line complex form, had made a kind of mature modern treatment engineering technology stage by stage. Laser beam welding receives a technology to receive cent to solder with successive laser for pulse laser in the applied laser beam welding in auto industry, can divide again in soldering continuously conduct for heat solder and deep penetrable solder. Rise as what laser outputs power, especially the occurrence of high power laser, deep penetrable technology was in laser to get domestic and internationally developing quickly, the biggest solder deep wide than achieving 12:1, laser beam welding received material to also develop by general mild steel today's solder plating zine plate, aluminium board, titanium board, copperplate and material of pottery and porcelain, laser beam welding received speed to also be achieved minutely a few meters, laser beam welding receives a technology to mature increasingly, apply to product line in great quantities, solder like roof on car product line, car motherboard and structural member (include door automobile body) high speed spells solder, already gained huge economy and social benefit. The actor defect good point that car laser beam welding receives " laser " can nod in a very little effect go up to have very big energy centrally. Compare with traditional solder and photograph of fusion welding craft, this meeting brings a lot of advantages: Treatment precision twice rises. Area of high temperature of laser welding line can produce reaction because of caloric reason. Because width of laser welding line is opposite narrower, these lesser high temperature areas also make the heat that brings subsequently is out of shape very small. The power that can achieve laser central point and size ask to undertake dynamicly modulatory by treatment, undertake real time monitoring to machining a process at the same time, the application with various implementation is likely. When use solid laser, OK and agile ground is far from operation ground to carry laser, get on energy source and treatment facilities from the space so space can come true none tiredly inaccessibly. Stimulate beam of light to won't bring any wearing away, and can work steadily for long. According to concerning data statistic, industrial state home is amounted to in Euramerican hair in, the car component that has 50%~70% is finished with laser beam machining. Basically solder to be given priority to with Laser Cutting with laser among them, laser solders to already made standard technology in auto industry. Laser uses at automobile body face plate solder but will different ply and the plate solder that have film of different face besmear are together, undertake punch again next, the face plate structure that such become making can achieve the most reasonable metal to combine. Because be out of shape rarely, also leave out fabricating. Laser beam welding is received quickened replace with spare parts of automobile body punch forging the process of the spare parts. Use laser beam welding to receive, can decrease build receive width and a few reinforce a part, return the volume that can reduce itself of automobile body structural member. Only the weight of this one automobile body can reduce 50kg left and right sides. And the joint that laser beam welding receives a technology to be able to make sure solder nods join reach member level, enhanced the stiffness of automobile body and collision security effectively, reduced the noise inside the car effectively at the same time. Defect requirement weldment assembles precision tall, and requirement beam of light cannot have remarkable deflection in the position on workpiece. Because size of spot of laser focusing gloriole is small,this is, welding line is narrow. If workpiece assembles precision or requirement of short of of precision of fixed position of beam of light, cause weld defects very easily. The cost of laser and gather into one of its photograph relationship is higher, one-time investment is larger. The process technology of laser beam machining wants to make laser beam welding receives real play effect, its between each functional groups reliable harmonious job and the safety to equipment are operated and maintaining correctly is indispensable. Following the pillar that 4 kinds of technologies are contemporary processing technique, its mutual between reliable functional connection and comprehensive to its control are ground of on the safe side introduces place of technology of laser beam machining must, the quality blemish kind that car laser beam welding receives receives the complexity of the process and numerous influencing factor as a result of car laser beam welding, when occurrence treatment quality drops, the consideration that cannot generalize with will undertake explanatory. Of contrail of general laser welding line begin and terminal paragraph be considered as most crucial part. It is a few typical blemish that laser beam welding of car white automobile body accepts below: · pore: Normal pore (bigger than tiny pore) the diameter is the biggest do not exceed 1.

0mm. · tiny pore / empty: Be less than when the diameter of pore 0.

Tiny pore is when 2mm; Be more than when the diameter of pore 1.

0mm, be called empty. · fusion welding welding line: Solder is done not have in welding line, the appearance of welding line resembles is welding line of laser fusion welding. The solder with inferior · joins: Welding rod did not rise in the flank connection that increases workpiece. Be in office of position of welding line connective, welding line looks " medicinal powder become one continuously " . The bosseyed join of · solder: Solder joined with a flank only rise. · banger phenomenon: Add workpiece to rise without join, in solder of welding line place straightforward ground extend piles up. · welding line is irregular: Welding line cave in or raised. · scale shape piles up: Welding line surface is not slick, appear very coarse. Welding line begin / problem of welding line ending: In the margin that increases workpiece fill of conference occurrence welding line is not worth or superfluous phenomenon, perhaps discover on orbit not fused welding rod is leftover. The matter perhaps says the possibility that blemish of the quality in the production of white automobile body of quality influencing factor that car laser beam welding receives produces is error source: 1) the reason of laser equipment: The arc lamp of the dirty ageing in protecting vitreous lens or laser can reduce the power of laser. The focal malposition of laser truly. The diameter when laser focus too hour, too much laser energy is centered on welding rod, because this makes solder becomes overheat, and the side that adds workpiece at the same time did not get heating enoughly however, such solder shed treatment not easily go in aperture. And when the diameter of laser focus is too big, stimulate light energy to be not centered, solder is not firm. 2) the reason of welding rod: Temperature of warm-up of · welding rod is wrong. Composition of alloy of material of · welding rod is changed (do not accord with treatment likely to ask so) . The rate that · welding rod steers not constant or be machine head speed with laser equipment not conform to. 3) the reason that other assists device: · because of frit fluid caky and the leak of the aeriform element that cause. The feed rate that · gives a mistake as a result of the program or it is robot speed occurrence wave motion. 4) gap measure: · is soldered the gap measure between component exceeds laser equipment to ask. The quality that car laser beam welding receives controls 1) equipment maintains: In the element of the quality blemish that solders in car laser and influence, because equipment malfunction is caused,mentioning most quality blemish is, because this daily equipment maintains,appear with maintenance particularly important. Summed up a few requirements that laser equipment maintains below: · detects everyday protective glass lens, change in time to the lens of attaint. · needs to clear everyday of clamping apparatus solder splatter the fixed bolt that hangover tightens solid clamping apparatus. · checks the arc lamp in laser every week, change in time the arc lamp of ageing. · is a few righter auxiliary equipment for example robot, orgnaization sending silk needs to have a few daily attention etc. 2) solder the dimension precision requirement of workpiece: Laser beam welding assembles precision to weldment the demand is very high also, if workpiece assembles precision or requirement of short of of precision of fixed position of beam of light, cause weld defects very easily, so good and mathematical clamp technique is laser beam welding those who receive assure. Common solder pair of spare partses be solderinged between cooperate clearance to ask to be controlled in 2mm, and laser beam welding accepts good case is to cooperate clearance Yue Xiaoyue is good, it is normally in production of white automobile body with be being soldered between the spare parts cooperate clearance 0.

2mm will control. 3) the quality control of dimension of automobile body function: According to the spot laser beam welding of white automobile body receives quality to control experience, establishing group of a dimension to receive the crucial dimension of quality to undertake monitoring to affecting laser beam welding is very be necessary. Dimension group by measure branch, production branch, qualitative protect composition of branch, example branch. Panel member holds dimension conference to discuss regularly and solve appearing dimension deviation. Measure a branch to need to undertake measure and providing corresponding report to crucial dimension everyday, manufacturing branch wants timely feedback information, protect a branch to undertake deciding to the quality problem of generation character, cooperate with model division system decides a solution. Of quality of laser welding line examine reach standard of do poorly done work over again to decide the quality stand or fall of laser welding line is divided commonly examine for nondestructive and ruinous examine. 1) nondestructive examines: Nondestructive of laser welding line examines basically is visual examine. Be like,the person that examine uses a few appropriate tools magnifier, camera, or the presence that other measures inspection man to provide pair of welding line, amount, length, exterior and position ask to undertake checking according to blueprint. Above mentioned laser beam welding accepts quality blemish in, stomatic, solder splatter, solder is worn, frit of discontinuous welding line, brim is received waiting for a problem is to be able to pass eye to inspect examine come out. In the car white automobile body produces the requirement in the process to undertake to each welding line visual examine come judge its quality. 2) ruinous examine: What laser beam welding seams is ruinous examine minute of metallographic experiment and authentic are attacked examine two kinds. Metallographic experiment is the cross section grind segment that seams to laser beam welding through microscope the way of proved recipe of a kind of check that has deciding. Common flaw joins to not have commonly, ministry of brim breach, root is protuberant etc. Examining frequency second depend on the dependability of craft, what be in charge of by manufacturing branch and each in actual production is qualitative protect a branch to talk things over affirm, every months at least one. After because equipment malfunction or quality blemish undertake adjustment to laser parameter,be opposite, must do metallographic experiment assess to welding line. Authentic is attacked examining is chisel of have the aid of, make laser beam welding seams authentic getting power to till appear,be hit rupture, measure next rupture face (the length of welding line and width) law of proved recipe of a kind of check. Authentic is attacked examine the functional reliability that can reflect a laser beam welding to receive facility, so authentic is attacked examine to undertake in very close from product line place commonly, be had by discovery when welding line unqualified when, can inform corresponding craft and maintenance technician. Seam to all laser beam welding in production of car white automobile body with 2 / lunar frequency second examine. 3) method of do poorly done work over again: To passing afore-mentioned laser welding line that laws of all sorts of check proved recipe discover flaw, need to undertake do poorly done work over again. Laser beam welding of average car white automobile body receives method of do poorly done work over again to be as follows: · resistor spot welding, but resistor spot welding asks to have higher osculatory position or flange edge breadth, and do not allow solder dot to be on laser welding line below this kind of circumstance, the solder dot of spot welding and join of laser welding line are together. Fall when the very brief case side spare parts flange (8mm) or cannot when bore, can building receive place with MIG solder. · can use MIG, MAG to solder when lap joint becomes fillet weld. · undertakes laser solders afresh, but new welding line does not allow solder to be on defective welding line, and can the solder vacant place between welding line, length of welding line of do poorly done work over again should the length with position of welding line blemish is identical. 21 centuries auto industry is entering the last word can ask to undertake according to the user flexible the kind that module type produces, conventional treatment craft already cannot satisfy a new student to produce the need of means. Receive technology of technical etc laser beam machining as laser beam welding the ceaseless application in car domain, it is sure to become one of important treatment methods in auto industry. CNC Milling CNC Machining