Corrosion bore raises laser precision further

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Corrosion is new treatment technology no longer already. Corrosion craft has very large dominant position when machining fuel entrance nozzle. Swiss Posalux company continued to develop to get corrode technology inside μ level field, came true to be mixed to aperture of 50 μ M 0.

The bore of 8mm deepness is machined. When using corrosion to machine, discharge phenomenon can produce between electrode and conductor. Electrode and workpiece immerge arrive not electric take off ionic water liquid in, every scintilla undertakes dissolve and evaporating to workpiece material and electrode, the material that corrosion comes down is swept by dielectric. This kind of small craft that get corrode belongs to embedded type corrosion. Be aimed at corrosion craft, use rotate type electrode, so that make Cheng Xuan,turn symmetrical aperture and mouth. Bore process cent is two measure: Calibration and bore itself. In calibration process, electrode takes positive electrical charge, workpiece takes negative electric charge, the top of electrode becomes compressed state. Then, polarization is changed, corrosion process is accused namely begin. The rotate speed coming back of process of this two parts is spent it is 500r/min and 1000r/min respectively. The set of Microfor small corrosion that Posalux company develops (see a picture 1) , rotate to control those who advance quantity and electrode, equipment used device of a kind of double clamping apparatus, this produces a result to making sure precision is mixed but repeatability has crucial effect. This device tilts by a the Zhang Jin component of an activity, electrode device and an oriented component and calibration annulus are formed, zhang Jin component of the activity can be on Z axis mobile, it is in charge of the reach of electrode. Tilt of unit control electrode run, it is deciding the size of bore diameter. Graph 1 have opportunity of corrosion of a kind of monaxial in series of Posalux company Microfor, can use at sheet production or situation of small lot production, and 4 axes equipment applies to big batch production to be able to be made cylindrical an advantage of the bore miniature bore with taper is OK undertake cylindrical or cone-shaped bore trimly. The taper change of every millimeter hole depth is ± 30 μ M. To generate cone aperture, electrode must be in alignment in the entrance of aperture; If be negative cone, should aim in the exit of aperture. Can use a camera to this, with detect appearance of diameter, geometry and the situation that bore locates are same. Another advantage is to agree with the material range of small corrosion is very wide, besides casting bucking makings, rolled steel is mixed quench besides steel, also can mix to carbide, titanium, platinic gold conductor enamel undertakes machining. Say according to manufacturer, this craft is effective to any conductor material, and precision won't produce deviation. The norms that what produce an effect to bore diameter is electrode and scintilla breach (at present feasible is M of about 5 μ ) . The applicable diameter limits of this craft is 50 μ M~1.

8mm, the depth range of aperture is 0.

1~2mm. According to different aperture and hole depth, corrosion time is 15~40s. Microfor technology can reduce thermic load area, this is OK the formation of the typical white layer when deformation of slow down material and corrosion. When bore diameter is 50~150 μ M, in the experiment ply of realizable white layer is 1~1.

5 μ M. If bore diameter is 150~300 μ M, need the energy with bigger infuse, at this moment the ply of white layer most greatly 3.

5 μ M. Through reducing devoted energy, can reduce afore-mentioned numerical value, but, the run time of equipment can be lengthened apparently. This kind of experiment still makes clear, of lubricious layer of electrode material dialogue form without the influence, white layer depends on only devoted energy. Graph 2 compact model the characteristic that odd axis modelling is NMicrofor FP1 equipment, it is sheet the energy that close and designs energy to use up decision surface surface roughness to throw is opposite the use field of production and small lot production exterior surface roughness also has main effect. When devoted energy is lesser, acquisition Ra value is less than 1 μ M. The two application domain of small corrosion bore is the cold bore of production of fuel eject cell and turbine shovel. The other application circumstance of this craft still has such as course of study of horological production industry, spaceflight and pharmacy line of business. As a result of the pollution of car domain limit rises ceaselessly, the demand of the because this is right small craft that get corrode is bigger and bigger also. Nozzle uses cone-shaped aperture to be able to achieve much better fuel diverge result, and can decrease enrage acupuncture point generate. Its were to save wastage of the sources of energy as a result. The has two kinds of kinds Microfor equipment that can supply. Microfor HP4 equipment has 4 axes, apply to the production of large quantities of quantities. And Microfor FP1 equipment contains an axis, apply to the production of small lot. Predict to there is great progress in the future, but this craft still is existing to optimize bore appearance, shorten of the respect such as handling time improve latent capacity. Its development basically suffers pulse dynamo domain to develop the effect of the state. In this respect, main improvement the target is discharge time and cycle time shorter, exterior surface roughness is lower, lost production time is fewer. CNC Milling CNC Machining