New-style eletroplate CBN honing annulus structural design and function research

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Summary: ? Male Luan of Zhong Mei of Qi of Bo of Wen of ご of commonplace of  of  of Dang Juan department steals cubic nitrogen of Duo Pi BN(to change boron) hard alloy honing annulus, after classics vacuum thermal diffusion is handled, can increase the combinative strength of CBN film apparently. To increase the carrying capacity of gear, go up domestic and internationally oneself century since 70 time used technology of hard tooth flank extensively. Come for years, the finishing technology of hard tooth flank already obtained greater progress, appeared a few new treatment methods. We combine the advantage of shave tine law and law of top gem tine, the honing that developed a kind of new-style structure to use CBN film annulus, use eletroplate diffuse the law will raise CBN material and honing annulus the combinative strength between matrix. 1 honing annulus the structure that the structure designs honing annulus has two kinds, make form of characters or letters and assembly type namely (1) seeing a picture. We are in whole is direct groovy honing annulus on the foundation, the honing of assembly type CBN that development goes annulus, main by gear form cutter hub 1, gear form pressing plate 3, gear form honing board 2 composition, sell 4 fixed position through fixed position, use 6 bolt 5 fixed. 1, the 3 tooth form masks that go up have certain hardness, wide make an appointment with 4mm, have oriented effect only. Originally honing annulus is in wide the honing of 11mm of about 10 ~ board the plating on the tooth flank of 3 has CBN abrasive, those who offer honing with. In the meantime, reduce honing pressure to facilitate look bits is mixed, it is on honing board two allow bits chamfer, form thereby) honing treatment face and corresponding side edge. When the top gem ages, outside the honing action of the tooth flank that divide a knife, its two side edge will have shave to cut a function, honing board 2 can change. 2 honing board eletroplate CBN diffuses ageing treatment opens slot the honing of honing annulus board machine gear form matrix first, use on its matrix tooth flank again next eletroplate the method of CBN will form working grinding surface, this kind eletroplates the question with the most crucial technology is the adhesion that how assures CBN film and its steel matrix, discuss as follows now. 1.

Cutter hub 2.

Honing board 3.

Pressing plate 4.

Fixed position is sold 5.

Bolt pursues honing of 1 assembly type annulus convention exceeds hard data to eletroplate use eletroplate in fluid must fall the content of iron element to lowest, can cause the brittleness of electric film otherwise, accordingly, when eletroplating, must detect on time eletroplate the content of the iron in fluid, once exceed bid, must keep clear of. Costly of process take time is very disadvantageous. And replace pure nickel to eletroplate to reduce cost greatly not only with ferronickel alloy film, and simplified to be opposite of plating fluid impurity detect and keep clear of. For this, we developed ferronickel alloy film diffuse ageing treatment law, realized elemental each other to diffuse, improve finish to combine tensile strength thereby, increased the combinative strength of film and matrix. Experimental condition base material 45 steel, in the deposit 25µm is thick nickel ferroalloy above its, control of iron element content is between 25% ~ 30%wt, CBN pulverous plating is on honing annulus matrix, be opposite with vacuum furnace already the honing of plating CBN annulus have ageing treatment, heat highest temperature is mixed for 560 ℃ , 700 ℃ respectively 800 ℃ . Standard of basis ISO4527, ISO2819, ISO1458 will detect film adhesion, lens of KYKY1000B scanning report observes exterior form appearance, TN-5400 can chart appearance determines elemental change trend. (A)(b) pursues curve of craft of 2 vacuum ageing treatment (trend of change of A) iron element pursues (X of graph of trend of change of B) nickel element.

Without ● of ageing treatment graph.

560 ℃ ageing treatment ▲ .

700 ℃ ageing treatment graph 3 vacuum diffuse each element changes after ageing treatment trend test result pursues 2 it is curve of craft of vacuum ageing treatment, differ according to temperature of effectiveness for a given period of time, should take different craft curve. Graph 3 it is vacuum each element changes after ageing treatment trend, change according to the trend of element of nickel, iron, apparently visible existence is worn intermediate zone region, and rise and expand what intermediate zone follows ageing treatment temperature. Without the combinative scale of ageing treatment its composition mutation does not have smooth glide to cross a part. Graph trend of each element change pursues after ageing treatment of 4 transient state 4 be classics is high frequency trend of change of the element after ageing treatment of 800 ℃ transient state, processing of high temperature of knowable transient state also can make elemental each other diffuse and form apparent intermediate zone. Via observation of scanning report lens, temperature of effectiveness for a given period of time is higher, the interface is toothed crisscross is more remarkable, make clear have apparent intermediate zone. Experimental result analysis analyses a scheme 2 to the graph 4, the combinative condition that combines an aspect all can be improved after ageing treatment, thermal diffusion makes the opposite quantity of each element all has apparent change, formed wider composition intermediate zone. Between film and matrix diffuse and structural osmosis, make combined a face to have enough strength each other. As ageing treatment craft different, the size of intermediate zone differs somewhat, but say to handle temperature to rise on the whole, intermediate zone is to relaxing. Because diffuse,this is have 3 kinds of mechanism namely room diffuses mechanism, clearance diffuses mechanism and clearance of foreign matter atom diffuse process. By diffuse mensurable and knowable, the size of diffusion coefficient depends on bring to bear on the discretion of temperature, not as big as the time relationship that obtains highest temperature, appeared so graph 3(a) and graph 4 in the phenomenon with adjacent intermediate zone. 3 honing annulus cutting function honing annulus parameter: M=3, z=73, α =20 ° , β R=15 ° , 180 eye CBN, what use a machine tool: 4232C gear shaving machine, experimental result makes clear, of this kind of honing annulus fall effect of a confusion of voices is very distinct, can fall about 2 ~ 3dB, tooth flank surface roughness is Ra=0.

4 ~ 0.

8µm, the ability that improves radial error is stronger, after treatment, horniness is compound film CBN is in good condition be like first. 4 conclusion eletroplate CBN honing annulus efficiency of honing oil hard gear is tall, cutting tool life is long, treatment quality is good. Ageing treatment can make an element mutual transition, permeate the intermediate zone that forms certain width, improved the combinative strength of film and matrix interface thereby. CNC Milling CNC Machining