Laser assists a shop to take CFRP stuff (carbon fiber increases plastic)

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The task nowadays, use the parts of an apparatus or appliance that iron and steel or aluminium make normally, for example container of aircraft spare parts, high pressure, seal unit, conduit, progressively by material of a kind of high polymer -- carbon fiber increases plastic (CFRP) -- be replaced. Use CFRP can improve the mechanical performance of the product, and weight can be reduced however 70% . AFPT GmbH -- the client of Laserline, it is a firm that heads in CFRP of the laid in the mould or CFRP shop. Actually, through can accusing to machine to the height of time and space, we can use semiconductor to laser heats effectively and fuse the shop of join area takes stuff. Working procedure AFPT GmbH made a shop be the first, install go up in mechanical arm, use CFRP installation is on three-dimensional and prefab material. Pass the clasp with the client, laserline was developed can be opposite CFRP those who undertake heating is special all pledge optical component, these optical component can produce central issue of a rectangular laser, have very even energy to distributing. Use pilot of temperature of coaxial much dot power of methodological adjustment laser, in order to ensure the safety of material heats, can control temperature in decompose temperature the following. The result rises from 2009, semiconductor laser already applied in the treatment production of CFRP parts of an apparatus. Special all pledge optical component, the laser power of 3kW and extremely tall treatment efficiency, the speed that can make the shop is taken achieves minutely number rice. The volume of LDM3000-100 of module of laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor of Laserline is minor, efficiency is tall, can make the user is built powerful, compact top class solder system, can pass means of road surface traffic to carry. Object material: Carbon fiber increases plastic (CFRP) task: Temperature can accuse, plastic material does not have laser of poriferous and fused phenomenon: LDM 3000-100 parameter: Power close 2 KW, speed is as high as 5 M/min result: Since 2009 investment is produced up to now CNC Milling CNC Machining