Machine vision technology is in on take the application in machine

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Plane of the band on 1 foreword is an electron yuan family expenses of manufacturer of parts of an apparatus at be opposite finished product has electric test and eliminate is undesirable article, and polarity is arranged, hind the machinery with the very high rate of a kind of automation that packs automatically. Old some is designed do not take machine vision function, its job principle shows 1 times like the graph: The amount of product bad stuff on charging tray is very much, testing instrument reliability is not high, and as a result of craft reason the product is on makings belt meeting occurrence side breaks up, the back breaks up, the phenomenon with polarity convert, because this brings the working stability of machine and efficiency to going up,raised taller requirement. Traditional do not take machine vision to detect of the technology on lead plane existence the following main drawback: (1) take on personnel waste before line working procedure has electric test to stock, undesirable article make number with paint or ink, going up by the worker the stock eliminate that there will be number before taking working procedure to begin. Because more bad material exists on charging tray, take bad stuff need is in great quantities with naked eye artificially. (2) efficiency is inferior after the bad stuff on charging tray is carried artificially, the meeting on charging tray leaves a lot of room, and the electric machinery when original equipment is working is to press advancement of fixed step pitch, can go on every room the stock that collect does not exist, create needless time waste. (3) manufacturing percent of pass is low because be reached a mood by individual difference of the person, easy exhaustion,wait for an influence, the phenomenon that the extraction of bad stuff on charging tray is sure existence fault is sentenced or leakage sentences. Wait for a reason as a result of craft additionally, side still can appear to break up when the machine is putting expect adhesive plaster to go up, the back breaks up, the phenomenon with polarity convert. These will naturally affect the quality with final product. Those who introduce machine vision technology on belt machine use pattern recognition technology to undertake visual identifying to bad stuff, have fixed position to eligible product and realize agile navigation, undertake to packaging the product after real time detects, avoided effectively afore-mentioned a variety of problems, make manufacturing stability and efficiency get huge rises. If the graph shows 2 times,increase the working principle after visual system: 2 overall structure and working principle use machine vision technology on if the graph shows 3 times,take chance construction block diagram: Engine control system is taken to use fluctuation on chance way undertakes, go up a machine use industrial Pc machine (Ipc) , issue a machine to use Plc, both sides realizes communication with acting buccal way. Issue a machine to be part of effective shop control, with join of each physics signal, realize the direct operation; to hardware to go up an interface of machine humanness machine and vision detect part, realize interactive operation, framing, analysis reachs navigation. The job with main engine is taken to divide 2 working procedure to finish on. (1) the machine vision subsystem that the first working procedure is working procedure of scanning of scanning working procedure to photograph what collect card and the composition such as illuminant, camera lens like head, image to be based on Pc by industrial computer Ipc, Ccd, to charging tray (Wafer) the product that go up undertakes taking a picture, the image that arrives to collecting by visual analysis software next (Image) undertake mode matchs, all example inside output camera eye shot (Instance) the positional information of the product, be like coordinate of X, Y, product qualification information is waited a moment. After the fixed position that finishs chip by visual system is analysed, the coordinate position that all eligible products below program notes are in. (2) the 2nd working procedure undertakes the collect of the product and makings bring a product detect the information of eligible product position that reachs according to the first working procedure, seek the coordinate value that gives next product, the athletic stage that becomes the coordinate conversion of this product Xy platform is long, by string together a mouth to be sent leave an opportunity, electric machinery of Plc program drive takes corresponding place, start rocker collect product next, after product collect is successful, issue a machine to inform Ipc begins to detect makings belt product, right now Ipc begins to take a product to undertake taking a picture to expecting, locate and analyse, if the product is unqualified,play an user of dialog box clew to undertake corrective to the product on makings belt instantly. Because the system is when collect product,must detect at the same time the component condition on makings belt, if detect even at the same time charging tray product, time will naturally grow, affect those who take makings staff to take makings rate thereby, used the means that scans to charging tray product ahead of schedule from the line to solve this problem, it records positions of next coordinate of all and eligible product beforehand through scanning analysis, when collect product, the system need not undertake extraction graph and analysis to charging tray product again, so that undertake expecting taking the fixed position of the product and analysis,saved time greatly. Take makings lever to want possibly in working process to do 4 paces work, (if pursue 1 1 what indicate with digit date, 2, 3, 4 are shown) take to charging tray above all makings, put the product then electric detect an aspirant travel test, the 3rd pace abandons makings job to undertake when the product is unqualified only, will eligible finally product places makings belt to go up. 3ipc software systems analysis (1) functional requirement Ipc undertakes the vision locates, navigation and detect control, be called to go up in this control system a machine. Ipc software asks to realize pair of image collect, fixed position, macula (Inkdie) analysis, to the navigation of the product, with the communication that leaves an opportunity, manufacture the function such as circumstance record. Image processing and navigation time must be controlled in 100ms less than. Manufacturing situation record must use database form to save with different file everyday. Image detects cent is two parts, the Chinese ink on product of implementation of the first part is nodded (Ink) detect, eliminate has Chinese ink to nod component; the component on belt of makings of implementation of the 2nd part detects, those who judge a product have not have or product attitude is eligible. (2) software advocate block diagram of software of working procedure of block diagram scanning is shown 4 times like the graph, collect product and product detect software block diagram shows 5 times like the graph: (3) part of fixed position of implementation plan vision is the base that includes in Hexsight vision software 2 development of aspirant travel, navigation part uses Visualc + + to undertake process designing. Hexsight software package is a when Adept company makes high-powered machine vision development kit, precision of its fixed position is tall, identify need to be less than 30ms only, support Vb, the software of popular process designing such as Vc + + , undertake easily 2 times developing. What illuminant uses is the Rin that Dong Guanke ability produces Singapore - 70 - 3r - 30. The Vd07 that camera lens uses visual dragon firm - 140 decide times camera lens. What video clip uses is the Meteor2 of Matrox, its can receive 12 video signal, input of word of two a movement in martial arts and number are outputted, resolution amounts to 768*576. Because should block a program to already was decided via be being bound by Hexsight software, so need not process designing can realize both join. (4) child the Hsacquisitiondevice that image of module introduction · collects image to collect module to pass what offer inside Hexsight accuses an implementation, it realizes the software interface that collects card, of image capture, the air officer of camera lens parameter reachs a lot of function such as compensation, it is the first working procedure, also be the process that does surely. Its part interface shows 6 times like the graph: · product locates the Hslocator that passes Hexsight comes true, it basically offers image to introduce, pattern plate is made reach match the function such as parameter set, its part interface shows 7 times like the graph: · product qualification is analysed, namely of Ink product search come true through the Hsblobanalyzer in Hexsight, its basically have setting and consideration to the stain in image, partial interface shows 8 times like the graph: The shift when navigation navigation method is the collect product that designs by oneself is regular. Roughly principle: Be over to record the position of next all qualification products in working procedure of the first scanning, the system after entering the 2nd process undertakes an analysis to eligible product position, walk along an according to from the bottom up, from left arrive right (after line feed from right to left) ordinal, take eligible product place only commonly, if the eligible product span of photograph adjacent exceeds 5, the system passes to prevent electric machinery step pitch big, can grow more than 5 pace to be N according to certain and algorithmic cent short step comes, take makings lever to will naturally stay on bad stuff or room so, but go up a machine the instruction can be sent indicate this position to be sky or bad stuff before this, so Plc won't start the suction nozzle of makings lever front to draw a product right now. Line feed of the meeting when systematic collect finishs a the last eligible product changes the ongoing way of axis of electric machinery X, end till overall product collect. · issues a communication between machine to basically be Rs-232 on communication module serial communication means. Signal of qualification of product deflection value, product and electric machinery reach the designated position signal comes true with serial communication means. 4 application state and test result analysis (1) program advocate on interfacial graph machine application process uses Vc++6.

0 implementation, advocate the interface shows 9 times like the graph: (2) interface of effect · this program is concise and friendly, use convenient, the function is relatively all ready. Cent tells user class and advanced user class for general setting of part of · of; of mode of setting of two kinds of parameter uses a password to restrict, the program of · of use safety; that protects a program uses imitate scheme pattern to show · of; of condition of product qualification circumstance and systematic collect product in real time everyday manufacturing data is saved automatically with database form, convenient examine and statistic. The use that passes period of time checks, statistic reachs function is like subordinate list. This system can locate quickly and identify qualification and rejected product, each function index can satisfy what exceed production even to expect a demand. This system used 5 last words to be with Ipc of machine vision system go up a machine, athletic control and process control Plc are the control system architecture that leaves an opportunity, visual system Pc provides fixed position information, plc controls motion and manufacturing process, both through Rs - 232 strings of mouth communication deliver athletic data and condition to detect / control signal. Compositive system overcame a variety of problems of original system effectively, make manufacturing precision, stability and efficiency got huge rises. Plane of the band on this already batch production, the function after put into production all the time very stable. Article intermediary carry on uses the manufacturing device of tradition of advanced machine vision technical reformation, introduce system of Pc style vision orgnaization of pilot of primary reason Plc, the efficiency with made bigger play, it is certain to have representative. CNC Milling CNC Machining