Ohmic dragon [UHF takes series of RFID system V780] taste newly release

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Introduction: The 2nd quarter is ohmic 2018 dragon automation (China) limited company is released external, go to the lavatory to have independent government to the large object such as bodywork [UHF takes] of series of RFID system V780, china is in since this day the market first put on sale. Nowadays, as the much breed of product line a few production are mixed modular rate is higher and higher, the enterprise asks to also become taller and taller to producing the government of information. Common RFID cannot satisfy the requirement of mixed flow product line, and debug mix safeguard can expend many time. Ohmic dragon devotes oneself to to solve the task that appears in production from beginning to end, promote manufacturing innovation. Especially ohmic dragon intelligence creates a concept " I-Automation! " medium Intelligent (intelligence is changed) . Ohmic dragon has a lot of range of products couplet net, shirt-sleeve FA and ICT, promote manufacturing innovation of the client. The memory that passes information, visible reconcile analyse, change to the production spot that creates additional value. This second those who release [UHF takes] of series of RFID system V780, implementation runs the workpiece message of different height on same product line, can the basis installs set of environmental self-correcting parameter, and visible record can analyse communication condition quickly. Main advantage 1, the communication of much rice Sunday run with reliable height is different high bodywork coexists stabilize · to be able to be restrained as much excessive read take, read-only pair of anxious functions that take target RF label (patent application is medium) what the · mixed flow that prop up produces is much read write implement function 2, when the basis installs · of environmental self-correcting set to will correspond send power self-correcting to arrive the optimal installation that be worth · and the communication stability when adjusting " sequential " CNC Milling CNC Machining