Milling machine of type of an organic whole of DMU 100 MonoBLOCK

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DMU 100 MonoBLOCK is DMG company small-sized set milling machine is familial in a the function is the most powerful, it and DMU 60 and machine tool of DMU 80 MonoBLOCK are same, sexual price is compared extremely tall. This kind of DMU series machine tool that improves ceaselessly is no matter on productivity, precision or exterior quality index, achieved new record for efficient production. This kind of all-purpose milling machine has 3 ~ 5 axes, dynamic function on axis of highest, B of new configuration swing milling head is used at the biggest the negative horn that amounts to 30 ° , it is exclusive the milling machine that can choose all sorts of main shaft, anthology match limits very wide, it is true consequently " cutting wonder " . Plan of modular type of MonoBLOCK an organic whole assured the tigidity with indispensible milling machine. Additional, still offerred the optimal environment that accords with characteristic of human body engineering and convenience operation condition. Its main technology characteristic includes: 1.

Handling time shortened 30% : Compare with the photograph before transforming, the acceleration of linear axis is carried be as high as 100% , knife - the knife changes knife time to shorten 25% , axial rotate speed raised 3 times. 2.

The distance of horizontal main shaft and workbench is 188mm only. 3.

Axis of 150 ° B: Treatment is lost place horn to amount to 30 ° , move quickly feed speed amounts to 35r/min. 4.

5 axes of 3 ~ machine: Milling machine has 3 axes below standard configuration, take fixed workbench and hand to move swing milling head, arrive according to needing to be able to expand 5 axes. 5.

Workbench of numerical control circumgyrate: Move quickly feed speed amounts to 40r/min. CNC Milling CNC Machining