Undertake automatic grinding to helix rotor

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Graph the 1 automation that is used at treatment of big, medium, small lot and modular structural whirl shapes grinder. This equipment transhipment of through cargo is quick, come back in order to get used to new workpiece diameter and length to drop spiral shell as far as possible the cost of rotor grinding, rotate shape grinder equiped one kind can lade automatically, uninstalled workstation. Through using different circular chain conveyer, can come true the biggest the workpiece storage that amounts to 100. The treatment of helix rotor grinding that company of AMK Tornado of Berlin reducer production manufacturer turns to nobody put forward very tall precision to ask. Because the user is opposite,the Mikromat whorl grinder of older model is having rich experience and lofty technical level, because this can accomplish admirable investment preparation. AMK Tornado company's final decision is to purchase a Mikromat that has patulous capacity to rotate shape grinder equipment (graph 1) . Because produce cost to be reduced as far as possible, need those who use an independence to lade so, uninstall workstation. Mikromat company recently of research and development new-style rotate shape the airframe of grinder series product, precision can amount to ISO 1 kind quality, and have taller flexibility, versatility and efficient. This purchased a project to offer component of patulous automation standard and the opportunity that improve efficiency for the enterprise. In the meantime, modular product structure can make the enterprise realizes the very short cycle that offer money. Graph the side panel plan of 2 loader can is opposite semmetry and asymmetrical model workpiece is executed lade quickly, because use automation,uninstall lade, uninstall exercise, of workpiece hello makings achieved very tall efficiency. The component that stabilizes before changes system (namely fork-lift truck) obtained again on the technology surmount. The side panel formula that used a kind to have a lot of advantages now lades plan (graph 2) , main feature has: Contain exterior wait enclosed atelier, avoid to changing thereby oily mist of the generation when workpiece and grinding mist; Semmetry and asymmetrical model the faster outfit of workpiece, uninstall; Contain " setting process designing " oneself operation interface and memory and lade the database system of workpiece. As store system, used the horizontal loop chain conveyer of different type, the biggest batch is 100 workpiece (graph 3) . Can realize the unmanned operation that is as high as 10h to process work from this (for example nightly treatment) . Be aimed at new workpiece diameter and length, also can realize flow of rapid transhipment of through cargo, accordingly, no matter be big, medium, small lot, have the processes work capacity of low cost. Work handling time shortens, the sheet of reducer screw finished cost is reduced, total value also is able to reduce, these showed the good gain that research and development works. Graph the horizontal loop chain conveyer of 3 different type can store at present Mikromat company is considering 100 work most roll out the miniaturization under length of grinding of a 10m to grow grinder of type of whorl standard component. On the foundation of Grindec machine tool, still have a few otherer the attention that technical program also got a company. CNC Milling CNC Machining